Unpopular opinion about mayhem

They dont need to drop the difficulty/bullet sponge health of high mayhems, if anything increase it more. (Hear me out)
This is needed once gear balance between mayhem level is fixed. You shouldn’t be able to take mayhem 6guns and beat mayhem 10 content. This would mean you need to gear up in mayhem 5 to get ready for mayhem 6… But going to 7 or up is suicide.

Just a theory as this would give proper longevity and grind to each mayhem level. The fact that people geared in the old M4 jumped straight to 10 and could survive/kill things means what’s the point… should have just brought out Mayhem 5 and been done.

Just a random rambling thought… Of course all this depends on gear balance… mayhem balance … Gear drop rate fixed etc…


Yea, compared to op levels, this was a school trip
Additionally: remove the modifiers^^


To an extent I agree, but there has to be some balance to the equation.
Weapons that used to be the meta in original M4 should not require 4 full magazines to kill one normal base enemy.

Their current implementation was a combination of bad ideas. Weapon scaling, mixed with a bunch of modifiers (several of which are just bad design), combined with bullet sponge, quickly showed the design issues for each. I honestly do not know the direction this needs to go.
Some modifiers need to be adjusted or replaced with something else.
Weapon scaling needs to be scrapped altogether or seriously overhauled.
When the patch finally comes out, we will get to see their approach.

Will it work, or even at least help? There is so much currently wrong it is hard to say.

The problem is that Mayhem 10 isn’t actually harder than Mayhem 0 when it comes to enemy damage output, it’s just more grindy. So I have to vehemently disagree with the numbercreep, but have to agree that the difficulty should be increased. Just give enemies a 10% damage bonus per Mayhem Level and we would at least double the damage overall. As it is right now Mayhem 10 is just Mayhem 0 with 126 times the sponginess.

Just remove weapon scaling… You can have mayhem 78 for all we care… There will be people able to run in eventually… And there’s no shame if you don’t…

And make modifiers optional…

Been saying this since launch, yet here we are waiting for them to fix their bullcrap… Weapon scaling didn’t work and actually broke the ■■■■■■■ game… On top of the intrusive modifiers half the people never even wanted being forced uppon us… There is no unpopular opinion as the whole thing is a broken piece of ■■■■…


Me wife and i destroyed m10 doing a.mini boss run with m6 gear First day. i did takedown with a m6 lob.

My old mayhem… Which is realy just anointed normal lvl 57 gear got me.to kill xam and tom and gw easy mode. At m6. Tried m10 took too long. Geared at m6. We took out m10.now we zip through m10.

Dont really need the op items they just help times literally near double.

We need the beef cakes. Not all the nutty modifiers.

Perfect example why M2.0 was not built properly. From zero gear to M10 Wotan kill in just over and hour.
See Moxsy video here