Unpopular opinion thread

has anybody else started a thread like this

  • i think the devastator and bearcat are okay guns
  • i like the carnage better than the bekah, because the carnage is easier to use for me
  • i don’t like the interfacer and the bee

I can’t think of any. For the most part I’ve used derch and molmf for my information intake. That and the forums.

I pretty much agree with derch on most things.

Oh, shamfleeting with a gunzerker is a fun and balanced addition to gameplay.


This is Adabiviak’s thread. He’ll be taking over from here.

My entry : the Crit


I’m quite fond of the Logan’s Gun, primarily as an anti-stalker weapon. I gather that’s a somewhat unpopular opinion…

For unpopular dislikes, I despise Caustic Caverns, which a lot of people seem to enjoy.


Second the Logan.
Conversely, I’m running the Caverns right now. :wink:


I do not put BAR points in maximum health, i am a fan of health gating.

Also, am still farming for a perfect white turtle shields with immunity at op8 with minus 526107 in health in my ps4, because of this am still regretting why i did not transfer my PS3 save to my PS4.

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I hate grinding

I heavily dislike using most Moxxi weapons.

I like Claptrap


I think Tiny Tina is extremely annoying.



I can only tolerate her in the Dragon’s Keep DLC. I didn’t say like, I said tolerate.


Since I am an Eagle Scout, I hate leaving trash on the ground. I make multiple trips back to vending machines to sell white pistols.

I like Claptrap, Tiny Tina, and Tannis. I think it is because I feel sorry for them. They had to deal with such terrible things in their past, that I cut them plenty of slack.


+1 on Tina being annoying, she’s even worse in TPS.

I always turn in Rocko’s Modern Strife, looting Thousand Cuts without killing stuff is boring.

I use the Bee for raids and Saturn, other than that I don’t really like it.

I love running Sawtooth.

Favorite DLC is Scarlett’s and I can’t stand Tina’s. (I also like Hammerlock’s)

That’s all I got right now, I’m sure I’ll think of more later on.


I like the desert/scrapyard areas of Pandora the most, Torgue and Scarlett are my personal favorite DLCs consequently.

Enemy buffs like DoT-negating health regen have no place in a game that boasts of it’s variety of weapons and skills.

I too like Claptrap and wish for more of him.

Torgue weapons were better when they weren’t locked into explosive damage, I miss my Bastard.

I like Bandit weapons. I also like using the Madhaus with Krieg and Sal if I’m just mobbing.

The Grinder in TPS was and will always be a perfectly harmless feature that should return.

Roland was a lot more fun and likable in the first game.

Jack is still a bad guy, no matter what happened in TPS.

One more, the first game’s approach to humor and writing was better than the second. Don’t need to be saturated by bonerfarts or Tina/Torgue nonsense.


I dislike Salvador and still refuse to play him - not because he’s considered OP and/or broken although it’s one of many reasons.

I enjoy using slag, and like the fact it’s a necessity in UVHM+. (cryo in TPS less so)

For specific weapons i dislike, that would be mostly Harold, Rapier, majority of Dahl, Bekah.

I find Brick and Mordecai to be very annoying during story missions, their voicelines are the worst - followed by Claptrap.

Flakker is awesome. :smile:

I like using the Madhous!, especially on Gaige.

My favorite mobbing location is Unassuming Docks, especially with explosive builds. :wink: Also, Tubby Bones!!


What is this malarkey running around here?! I found Tina to be annoying in BL2, but her voiceovers with Brick in TPS are some of the best lines in the game! “I am a lady, I have lots of menopause.” “This is my favorite part of the story so far.” “Hotdamncoldblooded!”

As for some of my own probably unpopular opinions:

FFYL skills (Immolate, Last Ditch Effort, Light the Fuse, etc.) are skills that should absolutely be specced into as a, well, last ditch effort.

The Blockhead is a better incendiary-only shotgun than the Heartbreaker.

A Deathtrap-focused Gaige is definitely viable for UVHM and the OP levels.

Even Maya should carry a slag weapon in her active loadout in case she hits FFYL.

Using the Brawn tree and skipping Moxxi weapons makes Sal a lot more fun to mob with.


Hey, high five! I also avoid shield cap (cuz shield stripping difficulties with Zer0), shield recharge delay (also Zer0), and recoil reduction (Hyperion weapons).


In addition to that, somehow I like Tiny Tina less in TTAoDK (all things about Roland and crap she made up is annoying to me since it’s too clear). That and/or the ending in TTAoDK is meh for me.

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I couldn’t disagree more. lol

I die a little inside every time I hear the “Deal widdit, deal widdit, hashtag deal widdit.”


Compared with the garbage that Pickle and Janey ( and damn near every other NPC ) spout, Tina has the third best dialogue in the game.


Nope. Not necessary. SCORN! :wink:


I like Gaige, even the screaming
(I fail to realize I’ve caught a DOT with other VHs sometimes now)