Unpopular Opinion?

So I was playing some Pre-Sequel earlier today and crud! I forgot how awesome it was to have an OZ kit. I’m jumping and slamming and freezing things with Aurelia… I love it.

Sure the Gunplay isn’t as good as in Borderlands 3, but I’m starting to think the action is better- the gameplay. I’ve gotten one of my toons to level 50 in BL3 and I’m having trouble motivating myself to start over. The gunplay just isn’t as good as the gameplay of TPS.

So… Gearbox, hon, can we please do something to make the slam attack worthwhile in BL3? Huh? Please? Cuz I don’t like liking the Pre-sequel better than my newest Bordelands game.


I also enjoyed them because they made maneuvering more fluid. If a boss like Eclipse stomps my character, I can immediately buttslam to land back on the ground. Or I want to drop down a level to avoid an attack. Buttslam. BL3’s feels too slow. Not incomparison to TPS, but it doesn’t match the combat pace in BL3, imo. Also, I don’t know why characters have quotes when they slam.

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i play only 1 toon in all borderlands games

Been playing proving grounds to keep me busy until something new pops up.

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I love the whole lo-grav aspect in TPS…buttslams, airborne fighting, the stingrays are all loads of fun for me.

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I just slammed and Amara said, “dropping the hammer.” Had no idea about the slam quotes because the slam itself is indeed to slow and mostly unsupported. Also, there was a lot of good in TPS that the devs seemed to have ignored but I liked the nonexcessive low grav of Skywell-27 and hope the slams’n’slides get more support.


Idc what anyonoe says, TPS was awesome. I especially loved playing melee Athena.


Nisha was awesome


Yeah whenever I play Skywell I mis my oz kit. It would be cool if the gave us more low grav locations. I would also like occasional low oxygen locations and an oz kit for those maps. However I am guessing there will be people mad that I even suggested it.

On topic of slams, given that we have full gravity they should slam faster instead of acting like they were taking a movie superhero pause after leaving the ledge and before slamming.


I actually prefer TPS to BL2. Granted, I am from Australia so may have understood more of the over the over the top jokes/accents.

Double jumping and slamming was the best. With athena and her singularity perk you could whollop enemies with a good oz kit equipped.

When I heard slam was coming to BL3 I was really excited. The utility of slam is too low though. You have to use it from higher ground and I did not find many opportunities to do this. Even on skywell-27 where you can jump very high you still need high ground to slam. Hopefully they change it a bit. Some of those legendary slam relics look amazing… If only they could be used more often.


I got one for each of ya!


Why would you need to start over? Farm bosses for boss specific gear. Try to get annointed versions of all your gear. Run Circle of Slaughter or Proving Grounds. Both end game modes are good measuring sticks to determine how far your maxed out toon as come.

I go back and forth between farming Tyreen and Graveward and running “The Slaughter Shaft.” I’ve been getting 15 or so legionaries a run in Circle of Slaughter. I need to see if Proving Grounds has improved. The droprates weren’t worth the time investment to get gear. However they are still nice to see your gear progression.

I’ve been trying to get an annointed King’s Call with “After using Phasecast, Weapon Damage is increased by 250% for a short time” and annointed Crossroads. At least a normal one in fire for now.

I’m a huge Diablo fan though and min-maxing my characters. In my opinion these games really start once you hit max level.


I have an annointed fire crossroards. It generates ammo with zanes digi-clone. If used well, one magazine is all you need for a mob. It is killer. I wish the burst size on the gun was not set though :S

P.S it dropped from an anointed. Was a very very lucky find.

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Only took me about 5 minutes to miss the butt slam when using the slam in BL3. My main problem with the slam in BL3 is the recovery from it. It feels disorienting and takes too long or something. Idk can’t put my finger on it but yeah it isn’t worth doing. Mystified at how they value it so highly when it comes to artifacts. It’s just not viable and not doable at all times like it was in TPS


I made a big thread a little while ago about how I genuinely enjoyed TPS fairly significantly more than BL3 thus far.

TPS is amazing, an unfairly maligned, misunderstood, and underappreciated masterpiece.

Aurelia, Claptrap, and Krieg are my 3 favourite Borderlands playable characters.


Many people just can’t handle that many of the characters are not American. Even though the rest of the world accepts American accents in much of their media. It amuses me how much hate people had for the voices of the scavs/Concordians. It was the most common complaint by a long shot.



I was raised on Brit / Aussie / Irish / Scottish / Kiwi humour (Monty Python, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, etc) and have developed an enduring love for it.

Such a ballsy, ballsy move to make it so blatantly Aussie, knowing their market.

I loved it.

I loved it so soooi much.

Sadly, all of 2K Australia got sacked for it.

Truly tragic!


I would have loved to see more low gravity locations. Skywell is one of my favorite maps

You seem to be reciting a mist of my favourite shows haha. 2K Australia got way more hate than they deserved for TPS. It was really good. IMO, the character dialogue is far better in TPS than BL3. I feel that in BL3 it is sometimes disjointed, unnatural, and as the NPCs use the same response for every character it just doesn’t always come out right (TPS jack said unique dialogue to every VH, as I am sure you know)

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100 percent agree, sadly.

The writing in TPS is eons better than BL3, but it doesn’t take much to beat BL3. But i enjoyed the characters, dialogues, and story of TPS. Just not Lilith lol. I did not see all of the complaints about non americans in the game that you speak of. The knocks on that game that i saw the most and are my problems with it are no endgame and far too easy.

I saw it as a big DLC to Borderlands 2 which tbh is a good thing. Just wish it had the end game of Borderlands 2.