Unpopular Opinion?

I want to experience the game with all the characters.

I hated the OZ kits. I hated the slams (and they seem almost useless in BL3). I hated the oxygen mechanics in general. And the combat felt about as fluid as lumpy gravy.

But I liked the characters, NPCs, dialogue, and story. Accents certainly don’t bother me. The Strine never got so thick it was incoherent. And if it had, I probably had subtitles on anyway.

While buttslamming was not a favorite mechanic of TPS, it sucks not having it. There has not been a single opportunity in normal firefights where I was like, “Yeah, a regular ground pound or slide would REALLY help me here!”

God I feel you man. Slam was akward at first in TPS but once I got used to it was enriching my gaming experience and it was easy to put into my playstyle as well. Always nice to have an uncomlicated and reliable option to fall back to.

Slam in BL3…I cant even…what the hell?

I can understand that they wanted to keep the option from TPS but its implementation makes it comepletely useless. The storyline gives you one or two designed scenarios in which you can use it…probably meant as a tutorial but even tho I tried using it in actual combat is basically impossible.

Enemy movement is erratic and too fast to set up a slam which requires higher ground. A simple jump will not be enough to trigger a slam. Enemies not fleeing or trying to gain distance are the ones where you are in real trouble AFTER the slam because it wont kill them in the first place.

You can use slam to get INTO tight situations but have no option to get OUT of them afterwards. Same as Amaras slam ability, if you dont kill the pack you are left in a spot where dozens of enemy eye pairs stare down on you.

Slams damage is miniscule and simply not worth the effort. I tried to use it in coop play several times and had whittle down enemies to a sliver of their health so I could reliably kill em with a slam.

The whole set-up procedure is simply not worth the effort. Opportunities for a slam are rare and even if you find all conditions favorable completing the slam with enemies being in range is another factor.

I wont say “just remove slam or come up with a better idea” because some people might like it. Personally I disregarded slam alltogether and am not using it anyway. I do remember it as a failed opportunity tho. Another thing about BL3 that just isnt there

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My unpopular opinion? I prefer the gunplay in the first three games (BL1, BL2 & TPS) over BL3. The aiming and shooting in those games feels tighter and more precise. Aiming and shooting in BL3 feels loose at times.

half and half to be honest. Some weapons feel great others are cumbersome. Sniping alltogether has taken a dive for me. It works but its not enjoyable anymore, at least not to me.

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I was a big fan of the verticality, double jumps, and buttslams in TPS. I played melee and elemental Athena and slammed heavily with both. There was a cool interaction with Athena’s melee capstone, I forget the name now, where if you were in the air and lunged at a grounded enemy you could slam at the same time to land the melee hit and a buttslam. My favourite bit of tech in that game.


People LOVE to overexagerte stuff and opinions espacially when it comes to games.
Everyone becomes a dev that understands EVERYTHING about games. (and most of the time their ideas are simply hilarious)

That said…TPS was actually one of the most fun Borderlands of the series.
It had problems? surely.
What games doesn’t have any problems at all?

I loved Aurelia too, her skills where just awesome.
i remember that he first time i saw her ability that made her do a a slap melee made me laugh so mutch and i istantly fell in love with her.

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Thats the nature of playing computer games. I m pretty sure all the people who watch sports have an opinion and can recognize mistakes as well as the moderators pointing them out. But none of them actually PLAYS professional sports so they are not entitled to an opinion, not to mention speak it out loud…oh noes.

If you exaggerate stuff you should be prepared to be called out on it. Most of the time exaggerated stuff sounds unbelievable without context anyway.

In Borderlands 3 people are not merely watching but INVESTING time on top of their money so whatever the devs “wanted” to accomplish or achieve the players actually ARE the best to judge. Even if you personally dont think so.

Dont need to be a game developer in order to recognize something is off. Also suggestions dont “need” to be actual solutions. Players who make the effort to post a contribution are not even paid you know?

The other way around tho is different. Because players DID pay real life money to own and play this game. They are entitled to an opinion. Not all of em are favorable and not all of em are constructive feedback but many are.

I really like the people most who can only complain, block and aggrevate because they never learned how to argue in a polite manner or are able to actually ACCEPT opinions different then their own and thus try to shut others up who “they” think are not worthy to be heard.

yeah, BL3 gunplay is superior if we aggregate opinions, but it has some weirdness to it.

Fine tuning you controls is a must. And once I had that down I noticed that I rarely ADS, given the oddity of the aiming. This means that sniper rifles are completely useless to me, and a good portion the second functions as well.

are you suggesting I was exaggerating?

But I do agree that some people have some really weird ideas. A lot of suggestions sound good in their head, but they lack the critical thinking skills to express the idea well or reject the idea outright.

Oh, no no.

I was talking about all those people who decided that TPS is total ■■■■.