Unreal Engine 3 or 4?

any info on which engine they are currently using?

Not seen any, but there’s an opportunity for folks to play at PAX East next weekend. So, if you know anyone who’s going…


This was answered in another thread.
The remaster is using Unreal Engine 3.

Awww thats a bummer, will have to pass on this one then, thanks for the answer anyways!

May I ask why?
Why does it still being on UE3 mean you have to pass?

Unreal Engine 3 came a LONG ways since BulletStorm was released in early 2011. A lot of technical advances and updates, making it a much better engine then what was originally released.
Also, the base engine means very little. Arkham Knight is running off of code based on UE3 and looks incredible.

In fact, I’ve seen some UE4 games that look worse then some UE3 games.
Other then being the “newer” version, UE4 has not done anything to “wow” me so far. And, given that UE3 is more tried and true for developers… I’m perfectly happy with it still being used.

But, People Can Fly have stated that their next title will be using UE4, if that matters.

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Did you see the GDC segment with Randy P. talking about the things UE4 is letting them do that UE3 didn’t? Pretty amazing. That said, there’s obviously a LOT of work that the GBX devs are putting in to exploit UE4.

On your original point, I was wondering the same thing. There are some pretty sweet looking games built in UE3, and if we’re talking about XB1/PS4/PC there’s easily more that can be wrung out of the game than back at 360/PS3/PC levels of development with the same engine.

Yeah, I watched the GDC video, and while it looks cool… it’s to be expected that newer engines would do things previous ones can’t.
But, at the same time, I’m more interested in the games. And, an engine is only as good as the studio using it. So, to me, it doesn’t matter how advanced an engine is.
I’ve seen plenty of awful games on CryEngine. And tons of terrible games on Unreal tech.

So, UE4 is “capable” of awesome stuff… doesn’t mean any game on UE4 will be great because of it. There have been garbage UE4 titles, and will be more awful games using it.

And, really, the only time I’ve ever enjoyed anyone talking about engine specs and abilities… was when John Carmack would do his keynotes at QuakeCon. Something about how he did it made it entertaining, even when you didn’t understand him.
Other times… meh.

And, I can’t help but look back at 2011 and see what PCF did with UE3 with BulletStorm then. And, given the growth in tech (both software and hardware) it makes me very curious to see what they can do now.


Agreed, a fantastic example of that is Killing Floor 2, bringing features from unreal engine 4 to 3 (besides improved lightning and shadows) such as physics for fluits and body parts (bone and body parts shatter and lie on the ground etc.) while also beeing CPU friendly (unlike borderlands 2´s physics for example).

My problem is that according to the footage/news that i have seen/the news i have heard of bulletstorm seems way to overpriced to me for what they are offering, the old game is still purchasable and playable in both multi and singleplayer and can be picked up from key sides/ steam sales for 5€ (excluding dlc content), it is absolutely relatable to say the least that they are not giving the version away for free (new publisher) but since the biggest additions content wise (content that isnt included in the normal version) of buying the remaster are 6 multiplayer dlc maps + 12 (i dont know the exact number) echo maps and the “overkill” mode for the campaign (which is simply letting us choose if we want unlimited ammo besides beeing able to start with all weapons while not changing the actual difficulty of the game) it feels like its less about justifying the price and more about pretending the first game never existed in the first place.

But why did i ask about the engine then and why did i decide to not buy bulletstorm FCE?
The game costs 45€ in my country so hearing that its still using the same engine (with no impressive/worthwhile features unlike kf2) while just adding so little new content or worthwile changes (new audio files for weapons are nice but absolutely not a selling point and while netcode improvments seem nice the multiplayer was playing out fluid and still is to this day without these changes) really seems like a rip off to me when i can buy the old game which offers most of the content in FCE (excluding multiplayer) for 1/9 of the price.