Unreleased weapon skins

A few days ago, I posted on the Random Things thread (which is a gold mine of Borderlands 3 little known facts, by the way) about some apparently unreleased BL3 weapon skins I found on Artstation. After a little more digging, I think I found a few more, and perhaps other people might want to take a look at them.

Just to clarify, I didn’t datamine anything or whatnot, these are simply from public images posted on Artstation by official Borderlands weapon artists during the Artblast, back in 2019.


Skin #1:

Skin #2:

Skin #3:

Well, this hexagon pattern is actually shown on a wide variety of weapon skins, but seeing it matched with the red color and the Atlas logo is new to me.


Skin #1:

Skin #2:


Skin #1:

Well, this skin’s appearance’s really close to the one found on common/white weapons, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the foliage/antler Dahl logo on any of them.

Skin #2:




Skin #1:

This is actually the same skin as the one on the Creeping Death/Polybius, but sporting different colors.

Skin #2:



If you want to look for more, it’s really easy to find them on Artstation, as I said.

Also, I might be wrong on some of these (I don’t fully remember the skin of every red text gun in this game), so feel free to correct me!

As a final note, there’s a possibility that none of these were actually ever meant to appear in the final game: perhaps they only worked as WIPs/bases for the final skins.

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These skins are actually freaking sweet.

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Yea no kidding, the Atlas ones makes me drool.


Cool find,wish you found some for Vladof and that Gbx released these with the game,Bravo to the Artist’s who penned these as well.

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All look amazing, specially torgue and tediore ones.
Also i dont think ive ever seen that Atlas RPG.

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Basically, for each weapon kind produced my a manufacturer, two images picturing three weapons each were released during the Artblast, all with different weapon skins. Among these, there seem to often be unused ones.

These are the images for Vladof weapons. Personally, I didn't recognize any missing from the game, but I'm no expert at all about Vladof guns.


Assault rifles:

Heavy weapons:

Sniper rifles:

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