Unreliable fast travel

Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Any tips on this? It’s fairly annoying.

When it happens to me, I back out of the Fast Travel menu and go back in and that normally does the trick.

When traveling to Sanctuary, you have to move the curser to the fast travel spawn thingy for it to work.

Oh yeah, you have to hold down the action button until the travel starts too.

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If you activate your echo to get to the map/FT menu while a reload animation is still finishing, the FT won’t work either. There seem to be a couple of things that will block FT even though you can hit the key/button in the menu and watch the indicator fill up. As tuck said, back out and go back in, and it should work fine.

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I usually just move the cursor away from the fast trave icon and back on it. (PS4)


Thanks everyone. In general, I have tried all the proposed solutions. Sometimes they work, sometimes they just don’t. Lol… Ah well.

While this is mildly related, why does the Projector Room fast travel station not work in Bloodsun Canyon if I start at the map entrance? I can’t jump to it from after farming Minosaur.

If a station you have unlocked disappears just zoom out then zoom back in so for example Eden 6 amber mire zoom out to the previous map menu then zoom back into the amber mire same for all maps for sanctuary always highlight the ft station then hold enter a or what ever I play xbox so it’s normally up or down buttons in sanctuaries map then hold a these two should solve all your fast travel bugs atm