Unresponsive pet attack command

So ive been screwing around a bit with fl4k and found the pet responsiveness to the attack command to be abyssmal.

Does this get better with certain pets?

To be specific ive used the basic Spiderant and the barrel throwing Jabber. I understand that it takes a moment if they are currently in an animation or out of range but…

At one point my pet was standing directly next to an enemy doing absolutely nothing - i issued an attack command to throw a barrel at that enemy and my pet just kept doing nothing for like 5 seconds.

This is pretty unacceptable. Does it get better with certain pets?

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It’s a bit better with the AoE attacks. The Eridian Skag, for example, doesn’t waste a lot of time perfectly lining up a single-target attack, it just runs up and uses its Singularity. It’s still not super snappy, but it’s at least a little better.

But even worse, the normal attack commands tend to miss multiple times if the target is moving whatsoever, so get ready for that. Super entertaining, very well designed.

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yea i noticed that as well - thank you for your response ill check out the eridian skag