Unsellable collectibles

You know, those things that end up in your inventory, that’s worth 1$, and you can’t sell?

Actually you can, you need to mark them as junk in your inventory and mass sell at the vending machine.

Just found it, and it’s enough for me not to have them lying around sanctuary thank to the lost loot machine

Is there a purpose to this thread?

Didn’t knew I could, seem like a lot of other people didn’t know it was actually possible to sell them, but I think you’ve made your point about beint a c-unt, so we’re all good

If I find them while out hunting loot, I pick it up, mark it as junk, then toss it back out. Not worth even selling it for the $1 when it can take up space in the lost loot. So I think by marking it as junk the game knows not to save it. Haven’t fully tested it but I haven’t ever thought, “Ah, not this ■■■■ again!”

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