Unsung hero devs of BL3

We talk a lot abut bugs and things that aren’t quite right in BL3, but I’d ike to highlight some of the good stuff that the devs did. I’ll start with a reasonably small thing, but something that I appreciate very much.

Whoever did the ladder programming in BL3 did it right.
Ladders were often a pain in BL1 & 2, from the entry points being off to the weird infinite ladders in BL2. Not a huge deal, but a constant annoyance.

BL3 the ladders are great. Always have a good entry and exit, no weirdness , thank you very much to whoever wrote that code this time.


Oh, one more while I’m thinking about it;

Whoever did the getting out of a vehicle animations this time also nailed it.

No more Uh, why in the HECK did she jump out there or Why am I phasing out 20 ft from the car? weirdness.

Makes getting out of a truck predictable, and I like it.

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Having just gone back to BL2 to get a character to level 80, I can’t agree more about the ladders. So much smoother and intuitive.


Thinking about it, BL3–gameplay wise–did a lot of things better than 2…

Besides ladders, momentum of sprint-jumping while shooting, being able to Fast-Travel from anywhere in a map, better car controls, aim down sights while in FFYL (with Dead Man’s Hand)…

I could go on…going back to BL2 sucks sometimes, because you get so used to the better things of Borderlands 3…

Say what you want about some patches and balance changes, Devs definitely did good work :clap:

Too bad they had to fire the whole writing team to hire the ladder guy though


TPS already had most of the improvements BL3 has


I was just thinking the other day about how nice the ladder action is in this game. In BL2, specifically Torgue’s DLC, there was one stretch of map where I would try to make a run up a hill using only jumps. There are a number of gaps, so if your timing is wrong, you either have to walk a pace to get the distance right, or you fall through. The other issue was I could never “catch” the latter from any sort of angle, also making this run tricky.

Being able to leap onto a ladder from an angle, miss by a hair but still grab on is not a trivial addition to the game. :+1: