Unsure what to do with my last 6 points

Using the Chronicler of Elpis COM.
Was leaning towards filling out Hell’s Comin’ With Me! but I don’t usually use weapons with small magazines.

I think it comes down to either;
1) 5/5 Hell’s Comin’ With Me! & One For Each of Ya
2) 5/5 Rarin’ To Go & finishing out 5/5 Unchained

Any suggestions or input on what I have so far would be nice!


Maybe max out the Horsey kill skill. What’s your weapons loadout?

here is what im currently using right now

you have 1 skill point left, its up to you where you wanna put it (Wanted, Jurisdiction, Crack Shot, OFEoY)
build wise is similar to Slijm’s Coldsplosion build so go check it out!

If you are using any pistols at all, you get OFEOY. Otherwise, i reccomend getting the skill in the L&O Tree that buffs damage & reloads for every Order stack, it’s really powerful.

Although TBH i only use L&O out of stubbornness.

I’d suggest rarin’ to go and Thunder crackdown
TC is not only for melee builds, it also adds 5 extra order stacks, which makes Rarin to go and discipline better, as well as improve your survivability


Take the points from FNY and put them in Saddle up, then buy Hell’s

or like what Chuck80 said too will do the trick, you know just depends on your own play-style and preference