Untested Melee Zane Idea (would need buffs)

So I tried out the augment that electrifies your shield the other day (normal diff, no mayhem) and noticed something that got my wheels spinning.

When you carry the shield (unsure if its just electrified or also just plain shield) your normal melee on an enemy is replaced with a shield bash move.

That got me thinking, with capstone, would that count for triggering a spike damage shield? (haven’t had chance to test yet, but I feel the answer should be yes even if it currently isn’t)

Then I started imagining a speedy Zane build that dishes out multiple damage types of melee damage as he runs around shield bashing people (shock from action skill augment, 2nd element type from spike shield, 3rd element type from melee eridian artifact).

The main downside is that none of Zane’s passives boost melee damage. They all seem to boost only gun damage. Adding Melee boost to one or more of them would be good.

Other possible needed buffs may include the spike damage on shields. Haven’t run into many spike shields yet, but those I have seen don’t seem too impressive damage wise. Increasing it or having it scale with character melee could be good.

Depending on some of my assumptions and the suggested buffs, I think this could be an enjoyable build.

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did you make it work?

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I too am quite curious now… i must farm for this.

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i would like to build a hybrid cryo zane with face puncher and ward plus the com that breaks your shield when you deploy action skills. maybe a rad melee planetoid or knifedrain.

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