Until dawn 2 thoughts

Seeing as how the virtual reality edition of until dawn is coming out soon, I think that it’s a good time to discuss some ideas and stuff for until dawn 2. I know it’s a long ways till it’s developed, but I just want some excitement thinking about ideas.

In my opinion i think they should do a completely different theme with different characters, but keep the same concept, like the butterfly effect. I think that was very innovative of them, but I think that in order to up it there should be more of what made it good, but not too much more. It’s crucial that they do it right and not focus on just what made it good, as there are a lot of things that if they leave behind will make it bad

I hope it happens I loved Brett dalton then I heard he was in agents of shield which was awesome but I think a big part of until dawn is what you didn’t know like everyone thought it was just a cliche of horror slashers but then turned into cabin in the woods but bringing that back would be hard now that everyone is expecting it but maybe it could turn out to be some crazy cult or some old guy who wants them off his lawn

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Maybe they can get into some demonic stuff, because I believe that that would make the game super fun and scary

That would be horrifying I love/hate paranormal and demonic movies just because I am so paranoid after if I played until dawn with demonic crap I wouldn’t get good sleep for a week

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Then the game did it’s job

Are you interested in rush of blood at all?
To me it looks interesting

Looks kind of like an arcade game. I’d have to buy the vr if there were some other amazing games for it, because I’m not dropping a ton of money for one game haha

Same if there were some games that interested me in vr besides that and batman I probally get vr

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I do not care one bit about VR but the first Until Dawn was worth a try if one hasn’t played it.

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