Until the Storage Space Update, Here is my Solution to Space Issues

… Someone else on here suggested it, I’m running with it.

I created Another PSN account, No PSN Plus Required, just Another Account

I load up my Main Account, Split Screen with that New PSN Account, and BAM i have Another 50 saves i can create, or 2k storage space basically. 40 per Character save at 3.3 mil each to unlock full 40 slots

To whoever suggested this, Thank You!

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Yeah it’s what I and others do already with the little difference that I get 50 bank space and 40 back pack per mule, because I create one account per mule, which also opens the possibility to send stuff via mail to the mules etc.

Did you say, 1 account per Mule? O_O i Hope you mean 50 Mules per Account

And as for the psn thing, i Also hope you’re making Generic account? Like number strings or something no one would actually Want for their personal account.

As for myself i actually made an account someone Will be using besides myself, but i plan on things like 123456789ABCDEFG if i had to make Truly Mule PSN accounts

Nope, one account per mule else you don’t get additionally 50 bank space per mule.
Also all my accounts have unique names and are 2FA protected, may be bothersome for some but for me that’s easy to manage. But the emails I use are generic (xboxmule1@ - xboxmule??@).

Well, if that’s how you prefer it… Just hear me out at least. I know what you mean about that Bank storage of 50, but that’s Another 3.3 mil to open that on every extra character\psn account. And what’s it even good for? What i mean is… You’re going through So much extra work and extra Accounts. Per psn account you should be getting 2k+ storage space. You can label all 50 of those saves to better organize. I took advice from vault Hunter’s here and started labeling even down to makers and so on, like Mod Hyperion, Shield Jakobs, etc… that’s 50. So to have as many psn account saves as i have with just 1 character psn account, you’d have to have, 22+ psn accounts

Just, at least think about what I’m saying… If you really want to do it your way, there must be a reason you prefer it… But think over what I’ve said

Edit: also… For as many psn accounts as you might already have, multiply each one by 2k… That’s how much potential storage space you really have …i can Only imagine

40 + 50 > 40

Additionally you can organize per mule like (Bank for Shields, Backpack for Grenades; Backpack for Mods, Bank for Artifacts,…) etc.

But anyway, I’m getting sick of mules as workaround for that major flaw in that game - I NEED MORE BACK PACK AND BANK SPACE … NOW! … Else seriously F that game, that lack of storage is unbearable - Alright I said it, now i need some food and then I go watch some Netflix instead starting up BL3, because if I once again see ‘Can’t do that, Your Inventory is full’ I seriously put that Disc with the Package and everything into my Shredder and turn it into 1x1mm particles.

Is 50 saves the limit for just PS4/XBox or does that apply to PC too? I’m probably pretty close to that limit now then.

I’ve gone the other way rather than creating another xbox account I load a new toon, run it through to Sanctuary and puchase back pack upgrades so I have 40 slots on the toon. I have named them after waht I store have one for pistols, smgs, AR’s, Sniper/Rcket Lauanchers, Shotguns, Relics/Shields and Nades/Mods have now added an AnnointedAR .

I ry keeping the Bank relatively clean in case the bank glitch shows it’s ugly head and use it just to transfer gear to the right toon so I currently have just over 300+ legendaries and annointed Gear pieces . If need a piece of gear I load it from loading screen and drop it in the bank for the main toon and pick it up. (Helps if you can get someone to fast lvl the toon in Slaughter Shaft so you get the cash etc)