Unusual K builds

Yeah. All we know that the strong stuff about meat man is melee and elemental. And considering that people runs mainly with certain specific gear which I won’t mention because all of us know what are we talking about or specific builds, came to my head a question…

Is it possible other kind of builds where we refer to Gear being more specific…?
Mean, how viable is a Sniper K?, a Jakobs, Tediore or Bandit allegiance builds?

Taking away all the weapons and stuff we usually have while running cyco man (RR, FOTFH, Slagga, Hellfire, CC, Butcher, Omen…) how viable would be that?

My Krieg (melee) uses a Flakker and a Crunch com for Constructors. Does that count?

I guess xD I use CC’s

Different enough for you? The shield is still a RR but all weapons are shotguns (I use a Heart Breaker for healing). :sunglasses:

What about the Volcano for sniping? The splash is buffed by grenade damage

A hellborn Sniper K would be interesting vizinho

I tried a lot of unusual K builds over time.

Especially when I was leveling and I’d practically respec to make the most of what I have.

At endgame, I feel like all I’m doing is honing in to what I do best, and what the game allows for most.

I use a corrosive Pimpernel regularly on ■■■■■■■■ like Constructors and Buzzards but never really considered a full sniper build because I max Pain is Power. But if I were to go the sniper route I would use either the Pimpernel or Snider and go Legendary Reaper.

I’ve tried a lot of krieg setups that were not either FotFH spam or melee but none really worked that great. I was able to do a few gun builds with a RR that were ok but not amazing.

I go corrosive Pitchfork. Bullets drainer, but I never got the sweet spot of the Pimp.

I’ve been testing my hellborn K recently (restarted UVHM with bloodlust K) and i realized that it is quite good for mobbing (in places where bandits spawn, haven’t tried robots yet).