Unusually Valuable LeatherCannon?

The other day I came across what looks a bit of a mystery to me…

I found a blue-rarity Lv35 Jakobs LeatherCannon AR (see picture).

It looks like nothing special from the card info. Except the value? >$26k ???
I picked up other ARs with such stats, even stronger ones. They are worth ~$3k +/- 1k.

Does anyone have a clue what makes this one so valuable? Some hidden feature?

I am very inclined to just ditch it, but I don’t want to miss something cool.

Thnx. \\//

The torgue barrel that makes ARs shoot grenades, rockets, gyrojets, make the guns worth a lot more

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What Piemanlee said. Grenadiers and especially Cannons are just weirdly expensive. They are also generally rather subpar weapons although they are quite fun to use on lower difficulties. Inability to crit is their main downfall but they do make for excellent vendor fodder.

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