Unwanted interaction with Borderlands 2?

In Borderlands 2 solo play there’s a way of enabling 4-player mode by visiting an opponent called Hyperius the Invincible. The principal reason to do this is to get an opponent called Vermivorous to spawn more often. Just this week that’s stopped working and the only change on my system has been installing the Battleborn CTT. So I wonder if there’s a link?

There was a borderlands 2 patch that did alot, check the bl2 news section


(You could also do it at Master Gee’s arena, BTW.)

Not anymore u can’t:

"(Poisd2Strike in reply to roflcopter207)

roflocopter207: “If you’re going solo, try going to see Hyperius or Gee first to scale up to 4 player difficulty. After I did that legendaries started to fall fairly regularly. Kind of surprised you haven’t seen a blockade yet, though.”

The latest patch has removed the 4 player glitch / trick.

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Next, please! :acmferro:


Oh well. So much for that. Thank you.