Upcoming Helix Gamers League Tournaments and HGL's Vow to Help Grow the Community

Hello Battleborn Community,
Today your are going to see plans from HGL to help grow the Battleborn community and also hear about upcoming tournaments. So let’s start with the tournaments. As most of you know we took last weekend off to get ourselves together, and because of that our League format has changed. For now on there will be 4 qualifying tournaments, so if you finish in the top 4 in one of the tournaments you make it in the league. Didn’t make the cut? Don’t worry we will still host tournaments for you guys too. So if you make it in the league you will play in a 16 Round Robbin tournament. The matches will be scheduled throughout the next 6 weeks. Then after those 6 weeks will be the HGL Championships where the top 8 teams compete to become HGL champions.
Xbox one qualifier #1 https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/[xbox-one]-helix-gamers-league-2/57c241c8d6ee17d20ca26c69/info
PS4 Qualifier #1 https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/[ps4]-helix-gamers-league-2/57c242b2448238260c04ba93/info
PC Qualifier #1 https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league/[pc]-helix-gamers-league-2/57c244351e61b2da0c365f90/info
Alright now to what we are going to do to help grow the Battleborn community. So as some of you guys know who has been around HGL from the begging we had an event to help put free agents on teams. We did this once and we want to bring it back, so HGL will be holding a Free Agent Round Up in the following weeks. You will be able to catch another thread on when that will be. We also are going to start hosting and showing off community content on our Twitch Channel and social media to get more eyes on the game and the amazing community. We will host streamers on twitch weekly and shout them out on social media to try and work in more viewers to their stream. We will also hold a show on our Twitch channel here soon that will show off the amazing community content you guys put together so keep an eye out for that.



Good job! I’m pretty good at the game (80%ish win rate), but I don’t have a mic and I only really solo queue, so I can’t really do this. Glad to hear it’s growing though

I believe your circumstances would put you in the “free agent” category he’s talking about them working towards placing in teams.

Well. Except the no mic thing.

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Yeah the no mic places me firmly in the give me five more years to finish learning the game (jk maybe if someone was playing vanilla with no dlc. This game will never be truly mastered