Upcoming HGL Battleborn League Survey

Before we make our league set and stoned we want the community to have a say in the format and rules. As of now this is what it will run like.

The League will feature 16 weeks of normal play. Where teams will play a match a week (best of 3 series) scheduled by those teams throughout the allowed time table ( Monday - Sunday 10 AM - 11 PM EST) The winning team of their weekly game will be awarded 20 points. After the 4th, 8th, and 12th Regular weeks there will be a Points tournament. The top 4-16 teams in the league will be put in pool play, while the rest will be allowed to play in the Open Bracket. The maximum amount of points awarded in Pool Play and the open bracket is 60 points. The teams that are in the Pool Play and the top 2-4 teams in the Open Bracket will be invited to the Championship bracket for that tournament where another 40 - 60 points maximum can be earned. At the end of the 16th week a Last Chance Qualifier will be played. The top 2 - 8 teams are excused from this tournament. This tournament will run for more points with a double elimination bracket. Allowing the minimum amount of points earned being 0 and maximum being 90 - 150 points. The top 2-4 teams in standings, excusing the teams that have already qualified, will be invited to the League Championship (LAN).


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I think with where the playerbases are at right now it would be best to wait to actually start this league until after we get the next patch and even then if the content isn’t substantial I’m not sure you’ll be able to get 16 total teams across all 3 platforms.




I could see maybe 9 or 10 teams forming on ps4 at most. And that’s assuming that some of the current team’s top players split up to form new teams (which has been discussed) and that the PC guys join. Even my team during the last HGL was formed last minute with people I had little experience playing with. Getting 16 teams together that have experienced players would most likely be impossible.

The upcomming balance update might breath some new life again like winter update did. Plus it would be a good idea to wait until after the update so the meta doesn’t shift in the middle of it.


Yeah from the two chats im in, we could probably get 2 or 3 from the vs memaquad chat, 5 teams maybe from the forum folks chat. From the people I can think of we could cover about half of the required teams.

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What these two guys said ^

I don’t know how much I could participate in something this organised when I’m on UK timezone with too much real life, wouldn’t expect others to work around me. Think it’s a shame because there are a few good Eu players I can think of. The number of players just seems too small/spread out for something of this scale.

I enjoyed the last HGL tournament (as much as four teams can be considered a tournament) and would just enjoy more informal self organised scrims on a regular schedule. Like same time fri/sat nights. Feels like the only way to improve/enjoy the game in its current state is to play against better and more experienced teams, even if it’s the same team repeated.


There would be plenty of time for the EU players because it’s two teams doing a best of three once a week, at any chosen time or day of the week.

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There dosent have to be 16 teams there is 16 regular weeks of play. Meaning the format will be swiss instead of round robin. Registration is not open yet this is just a survey. When registration does open it will be open for 4-5 weeks which would hopefully surpass the next patch


Neat. I’ll fill out the survey when I get home.

My intention wasn’t to be rude if I came off that way.


Didn’t intend it as rude, I appreciate any and everyone who wants to see this competitive community grow or survive at least.

I hope this next patch sees a lot of players return and the newer players stick around to the point where it’d be possible to get a lot of teams signed up across all platforms. I filled out the survey, happy data analysis :slight_smile: