Upcoming micropatch to fix Guardian Takedown

I have heard a rumour that there is a micropatch coming early this week to fix the Takedown.

Anyone else have any further information? I was making the assumption that it would be before this Thursday.

Two more days with regular hotfix.

Thursday is “early next week” apparently.
I had hopes they’d give us a bit more time with the original takedown.

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Honestly, the UVHM takedown health was the best fight ive had in months. Needed mayhem 7 weapons, ok. But also, iron bear was killing just as good as a Monarch somehow.

I’d love to see this base health spread to everything in TVHM, and build from there.
Because, yknow. TRUE Vault Hunter Mode feels like easy mode.

Edit: changed ultimate to true. Woops.


I’m confused. We have normal vault hunter mode (NVHM) and true vault hunter mode (TVHM). I was unaware that UVHM was even out yet?

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Cause there is no UVHM in game. It was replaced with TVHM in terms of reseting the Story, and Mayhem mode as in difficulty.

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I like the challenge. And I have no problems with the hardest activity on the hardest difficulty being…well hard. But I think the dedicated drop drop chance should be 100% on M10.
It’s not uvhm though, uvhm would mean enemies regenerate health , which they don’t.

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That’s what I thought. UVHM was in BL23 and TPS and had, I believe, health regen on enemies.

Health regen was only in BL2.

Regarding the hardest content, there is a difference in done right, like in Maliwan Takedown, and wrong like in new Takedown.


That’s your opinion though, there might also be persons who think gear checks and unforgiving checkpoints are fine.

And that will be their opinion. I prefer balanced content which is hard by design, not by spongy and buffed enemies.


Yes, you’re right. It’s both though.


For me “early week” means monday or tuesday. So I think today will be the day. At least some info.


that was my take on it too

I hope the fix will change some things. One thing is that the opponents are too strong, but what annoys you is that the passages with the platforms do not have a save point. Because surely enough people are already desperate. What annoys me better is that there is no 100% drop from new legendarys, or generally a higher chance. I did the takedown 5 times with my Zane and 5 times with my FL4K and only 2 times I got one of the new Legendarys at the end boss, the others only World drop crap. If you fight your way through the takedown, you want to be rewarded properly, otherwise you can leave it at that. At least that is my opinion.


I just went through it twice again and again there was nothing, no Globetrottr, Lightspeed, Smog or Web Slinger. I give it up now and wait for something to be fixed, if not then I don’t give myself the stress anymore.

Edit 2:

The fix is ​​probably there. The following news was posted on Twitter.

Today we will release a hotfix for #Borderlands3 that will be live by 2PM PT. This update significantly reduces enemy mob health in Takedown at the Guardian Breach.


They changed that in less than a week but yet here we are on month 2 of mayhem 2.0 scaling being an absolute disaster and all they managed with a FULLY FLEDGED patch were some anoint/smg changes that were pointless. The time management and depth of effective changes in this game are just all over the place. It’s exhausting.