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New Patch Notes Sneak Peek
I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing Creative Director, and friend to me, Jythri a few times over the course of these past few months leading up to launch. Last night on stream (this post was already made linking the vod: https://redd.it/4ip8ep) we got to talk about a lot of upcoming stuff, but before I post the vod to YouTube and write up the full highlight transcript, I wanted to give you guys the sneak peek he gave us about the upcoming patch!

This patch is hopefully landing next week or the week after, mostly waiting on approval from Microsoft/Sony. GBX is also trying to make it so they can adjust bigger things in the game without having to go through the approval process with said companies, meaning they can do larger patches, quicker.

Heroes Miko: health regen nerf (likely to Biosynthesis.)

ISIC: survivability nerfs. (likely shield cooldown or reflect adjustment.)

Galilea: attack while sprinting removed, desecrate only applies CC on initial use.

Kleese: shock taser no longer able to target/reveal stealth. Bolt Savings augment unintendedly causing him to do too much damage.

Ambra: getting some changes? Nothing specific said. (nerf to alt melee, or a buff elsewhere?)

Other Collision problem patches for Overgrowth and Echelon.

Incursion: After destroying the first sentry, a Shepherd will only spawn for that team every few waves.

Overgrowth (Map): Stairs on either side of the map near center changed to other side of mounts, preventing heroes like Marquis from easily peeking out and hitting the sentry.

Character specific legendaries: no longer have random rolls, will always “max roll.”

I’ll most likely be doing more interviews with him in the future and typically come to my chat for questions, so feel free to stop by or send questions my way here or on Twitter. Also planning on doing Patch Note Reviews on stream which will be uploaded to YouTube, so stay tuned and stay beautiful, everyone! <3


It’s amazing. It’s like they’ve heard what we have been requesting and they are implementing that into the game. Lol.

Gj for all those in the community who were patient enough to hang tight through the first week for them to fix specific mistakes. Lord knows it got tiresome seeing these, “I’m done!” Posts every other day.

Gj Devs.


GBX always do a great job in getting in contact with their community. :heart:

It makes me sick how impatient people seem to be and how less they care for actual info. (The usual “that could be fixed in 1minute”-crap, while they dont know anything about programming a game…)

I´m so looking forward to Batteborns growth in the future, it will just get better month to month!


It’s a definite sense of over entitlement. One week in and people are jumping off the deep end because the Devs won’t fix their problem NOW. Lord knows how many super nintendo and genesis games I’ve hated due to those being finished products.


I listened to this last night. Glad you were able to do the interview and share it with us, Kalo!

Also, totally agree about people and their “NOW.” I think this information from Randy will help ease a lot of folk’s fears, if they take the time to read and listen.

Speaking of, Kalo, I recommend posting future posts like this one in the News section. One of the mods posted a link to this here in General yesterday afternoon, and it was buried in an hour. I posted one in the News section last night after listening to the interview, and it’s staying visible.

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All good. I can copy and post it there too. Good tip!

Got you covered. :wink:

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Anyone said what will happen to charspecific legendarys wich allready have been rolled ?

Will they be changed , too ?

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I think they said all character specific legends will be immediately maxed out. Future and previous.

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great , thx :smiley:

Do you mean Bulk Savings? (though I could see it possibly having a damage reduction to accompany the more rifts, right now Kleese destroys defense missions so hard not even Superturret Isic can do anywhere near the same amount of damage; 4 energy rifts basically locks down any spawn point, even the massive spawning platform in the Renegade…

I’m intrigued by this. Yes everything else is great and talked about - but I’ve been meaning to note some frustration with collision on the maps. There’s even one particular area in Overgrowth that the floor geometry is a bit busted (ALWAYS stops me as I’m sprinting and have to awkwardly move around it).

I´m sure they´ll try fixing all collision issues that were reportet & seen so far. It would be a bummer for GBX as well as for the players to wait & work for another patch.

Who’s been calling for a Miko nerf? I’ve been playing the hell out of him and can say he’s not overpowered since he is just a straight healer. Unless he’s getting a base health regen or damage buff, his health regen on skills should stay the same.

Now Orendi needs a nerf. She has the hitbox of a small child but hits like Optimus Prime.

Tried to find some notes on this. Curious what people have been reporting.

Can´t give you more infos in that regard.
Personally I never submittet a report-ticket so far, but I definately encountert some nasty toe-traps in PvP-maps. If a casual like me can notice those a Dev or Pro can easily spot it too.

I just hope they nerf this fukn op CC ■■■■. every match you see Rath and Galilea. What do you think ? Most ppl love the Backgroundstory of this chars ? ■■■■ hell no. They are just way to OP. Thats why they are choosen every single match.

I think Rath is fine, the only thing I’d change about him is possibly the speed of his ultimate. I’m fine with the damage, just crazy how fast it moves.

Galilea is on the OP side and I agree should be toned down. If they did it to Ambra they should to Galilea.


His ult is very high risk/reward, he doesn’t move that fast until level 10, and you can melee push him away from you for a large chunk of the damage, or CC him right out of it.

Galilea and Rath are the only two melee characters who don’t really have an ability to help them get into engagement distance unnoticed or extremely quickly (yes, his knockup helps, but only a bit) so it’s no surprise they deal the most damage when they get there.

Please… don’t let it be an Ambra nerf, she is in a decent place. Just increase the beam range or something. lol Please God.