Upcoming story operations - which characters?

So the first story op is centered around Attikus, and the second one will be centered around Toby. Seemingly each faction will have their own story op much like each faction will/have received an additional character. The Jennerit and the Rouge factions are already covered, leaving the Eldrid, LLC and the UPR. If this is right, that there’ll be a story op centered around characters from each faction, then I got two questions.

  1. Which characters do you wanna see in a story op and why?
  2. Which character do you think we will see in a story op and why?

Personally, my biggest hope is that the Eldrid story op is centered around Miko & Kelvin. Love the concept of both characters and would love for them to expand on thise characters. They also seem to be the two Eldrid to be furthest away from the vanilla game’s story as Melka is a part of the “main crew” and Thorn have ties to “The Archive” and Boldur to her in turn. Though that connection is far fetched, so it could also be centered around of them of course. But as said p, hoping for Miko & Kelvin. There’s Alani as well, but I don’t think it’ll be based on her as she’s a DLC character and they probably started working on the Eldrid story op before she was finished.

But once again, I’m just basing all this on the premiss that each story op will represent a character or two from each faction which could of course be wrong.

EDIT: Corrected the 2nd question


In the stream from pax they name all 5. The other three are OM and danger school, one with Montana and one with Phoebe! I’m pretty sure


Well, they did already tell us who were starring in them

Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion, Toby’s Friendship Raid, and I forget the rest, but I know “The heart of Ekkunar” features Pheobe.

It was all covered during pax, though it was a waste of time to watch. The interviewers didn’t give a sh*t, and only one of the two reps were even remotely excited. Crowd could feel it, I’m sure.

EDIT: Dammit, got Ninja’d.

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Ah, my bad then! Looked in the Battleplan and it only named the first two so I thought the remaining three were yet to be announced :flushed:

I love that one is featuring Phoebe. But I would really love to see one that featured Benedict and had writing done by @Benedict_87. I hope he is in Toby’s friendship raid just sh*t talking Toby throughout the mission


I can’t WAIT to do a “friendship raid”. I doubt that anyone here will get this reference, but that’s never stopped me before:



Why are none of the Eldrid characters named in any of those titles?

Toby and Montana are both UPR, correct?

Toby is a rogue Oscar mike and Montana are UPR

A. This was answered at PAX as many said.
B. Both of your questions are nearly the exact same

The Heart of Ekkunar is an Eldrid thing, right?

If so, that’s good enough for me, but then why feature Phoebe?

She is involved in most of the Eldrid’s lore, believe it or not. She seems to have a fascination with them, it’s not too farfetched that she’d try to figure out how Ekkunar remains a planet, despite it being in pieces.


Corrected the 2nd question now, thanks!

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Man, now if Benedict isn’t in Tony’s DLC I’m gonna be really disappointed :pensive:

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Her sabers are powered by a combination of modern LLC tech and Eldrid Magic. The story will probably be about her going to Ekkunar to learn Eldrid Magic and we’ll probably learn more of the Eldrids past and why the planet broke apart. The Heart could either be nature magic or the core of the planet, maybe both.


Maybe Phoebe wants to try to figure out / learn Eldrid organic tech?

I was just reading Boldur’s lore and his indestructible axe is crafted by what the lore refers to as “long forgotten ultra engineering”.

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I don’t think it is referred as ultra engineering, also NOOOOOOO no marquis or ISIC mission

Come on now if we have a mission about Phoebe
You don’t think Marquis would tag along?



No, it’s either ultra engineering or ultra manufacturing.

I like JUST read it.

But ill confirm in a couple hours when I get home.

“Miss pheobe why would you ever walk around with these savages, I raised you better than this”


Breaking Character…

Believe it or not, I’ve given serious thought to what I think would be a badass DLC for Benedict with humor and emotion.
I was considering writing some Benedict fanfiction and incorporating the basic story into it.