Update 1.2.5 live (new characters!)

  • 10 additional Battleborn
  • 3 new artifacts are added
  • Percentage chance of 10x more shards from enemies
  • Increased duration of drone buffs
  • Reduced free loot pack cooldown

(but it’s still 30 minutes for the free loot pack for me…)


Same issue with me.

Either way I’m glad that we finally got that update!

Also still have a 30 minute cooldown on free packs, though I don’t really mind that?

Unfortunately after this update, it now freezes 100% of the time upon trying to return to the game from watching a video, as opposed to the about 60-70% I was experiencing before. This is rather annoying as it’s clearly intended to be a main function of the game, and honestly I’ve actually tried some of the things from videos, so it’s not a bad idea. But it now completely breaks the game, every single time.

The new characters seem fun so far… El Dragon’s standard clap attack has a very annoying sound effect (I realize I can just turn the sound off, just saying). I love that there’s now 7 tiers to achievements, though I’m confused why “revive battleborn” is an achievement at all. It would lose credits to get any tier of it (reviving a battleborn costs 10 credits), and reviving battleborn doesn’t make sense in the play of the game anyways. They respawn relatively quickly and credits are precious, as someone who plays it for free.

Just some thoughts as it’s my first time posting on it. Thanks for the update, hope the bug is fixed soon!

Well you can actually revive battleborn for profit until it asks you to revive them 200 times (I think) and you’re at 100 revives so far. This only rewards 170 tokens and the minimum revive cost that I’ve gotten by not upgrading my character’s health at all is 2. So that results in a net loss of 30 tokens.

That’s why you don’t upgrade your first battleborn and let him die. You revive him with a cost of 1 token. So you have a small profit if you have the patient to revive them so many times.

Percentage chance of 10x more shards from enemies
Increased duration of drone buffs
Reduced free loot pack cooldown
These are the details of the new artifacts. You need to own them so you gain the bonus. Check this link below to see the 22/23 artifacts so far.

1K mythstones?

fudge… I really haven’t played that much…

so not upgrading anything on them results in a 1 token revive cost? Good to know

I just got an artifact that reduced the free loot pack cooldown. I think it might be safe to assume that those three things that we thought were all around buffs are actually the three artifact perks.

This feels a LOT like a bait and switch type maneuver. The text of the updates states things outright, as bullet points, but fails to mention that three of those things are part of another of those things. We all came in here thinking the update is broken, because there was no reduced free pack cooldown, but as it turns out, the update is very, very deceptively worded.

I was able to watch three videos in a row before my game froze, but now it freezes to a black screen.

Wait how do I update? None of my stuff has changed lol.

Edit: I’m dumb my phone was out of space lol

from what I have seen you still profit. Die 10 times to get 20 shards, die 50 times to get 100 shards. So long as you just keep reviving your level 1 battle born you should make out.

On a side note, my shards keep resetting. Has anyone else run into this?