[Update 10.08.] - my fantasy Patchnotes

Dear Vault Hunters,
we gathered feedback & made some changes regarding balancing, mayhem modifiers, bankspace, bugfixes, optimization & more!

Some of these changes might take some time and will be implemented in the near future.
We’re trying to enable more diverse playstyles and looking at current popular builds and which trees need some adjustments to be fun and viable at the hardest content we can throw at you.

  • Optimization

  • Our programmers changed some UI functionality, item model textures/animations to make the use of your inventory & bank less likely to give your GPU & CPU a hard time. This change is important to ensure a smooth Item management with increased bank space

  • You can now skip cutscenes after your first playthrough of NVHM.

  • We also changed “insert programmer talk about frametimes, GPU/CPU, download/upload stuffs” to decrease common fps drop situations and offer a better performing gameplay in our open worlds and during heated battles. This includes a change to effect glare & particle effects. Furthermore we’re giving our players the option to decrease effect intensity & quality with dedicated sliders in the advanced graphics option

These changes should give you a noticable fps increase and less stutters overall.

  • You can now track more than one mission objective at the same time. We implemented different UI elements to make it easier to distinguish one mission from another.

  • Bank Space

  • We heard you & even our developers started complaining about limited bankspace. Especially with the introduction of anointments, more weapon combinations and possible elements, more bankspace is needed to fullfill all your hoarding desires.

  • Once you completed NVHM, Claptrap will offer you a quest to increase your bank capacity to 100. This quest will include gathering 139,377 brown rocks, defeating Ug-Thak, Lord of Skags and much more

  • Once you completed TVHM, Claptrap will ask you once again to gather a sh_tton of rocks, further increasing your bankspace to 200

This is subject to change depending on player feedback. We felt it important to give our players another incentive to complete the story again in our hardest dificulty.

  • Bugfixes

  • Our investigative team gathered alot of feedback and works tirelessly on bugfixing.
    This includes bugged skills, bugged items and bugged UI mechanics

  • “insert all those bugs regarding Amara, Zane, Shields, Weapons, Artefacts, Inventory Management, loss of bank items and so on”

  • Mayhem Mode
    (this is subject to change based on player feedback)

  • removed all elemental/kinetic modifiers from mayhem mode

  • Added several new generic mayhem modifiers that shouldn’t have such a huge impact on specific weapon types & playstyles. Thus enabling more diverse playstyles and giving you a better choice in terms of builds/weapons. These include enemy hp regeneration, spontaneous badass spawns, some mechanics that you may know from the badass events on twitch and much more.

  • Balancing

  • ya’ll getting nerfed!!

  • joke, you won’t, atleast not during these first waves of patches

  • We’re making alot of changes to Mozes Iron Bear. These include the tweaking of numbers and some core mechanics, to make you actually feel like a badass sitting inside a bigger badass. We introduce several changed and new skills. For example: added the Skill “Nanobots” in tier 3 of the Demolition Woman Skill tree. You now repair X percent of damage dealt as armor over time. Together with Iron Bear armor changes this should enable way better survivability in your Mecha buddy.

  • Pet/Clone/Drone/Iron Bear AI: we made some improvements to our AI system

  • We changed some core mechanics and tweaked numbers in Fl4ks Master tree. Builds with a focus on pets should see better survivability of their pets (your Spiderant will move out of dangerous puddles now, hurray!) and a dmg increase to keep up with their vault hunter friends.
    Replaced the “DOMINANCE” capstone in Fl4ks Master tree with “MEET THE P4CK!”. Melee attack is now completely replaced by this new capstone skill. Fl4k releases all their 3 pets for 20 seconds (20 sec. cooldown) to wreak havoc. Enemies are more likely to attack pets during “MEET THE P4CK!” and enemies hit by your pets take 20% more damage from all sources for 10 seconds.

  • Zane is good now! Well, it’s not like he was bad or incompetent. But now he’s better! Hurray!
    He received dmg buffs across the board and some changes to core mechanics, to reliably freeze, clone himself & drone others in our highest difficulties.
    Those changes include Barrier functionality, Clone AI, Drone dmg and more. The goal was to achieve a smoother gameplay with some less micromanagement
    (well, we also fixed all those pesky bugs soo… that’s kind of a buff no?)

  • Specific activities should drop more loot now. Especially Rare Spawns, Slaughter modes & Proving Grounds have seen a significant increase in item dropchance (quantity and quality).
    (Killing Graveward over and over should not be the best way of farming all the items.)

  • Weapon Changes

  • Udated the lootpool of most enemies. We assigned alot of legendaries to bosses, rare spawns and hunt targets. This should enable you to farm for specific gear without relying on worlddrops. For example, Schmu666 can now farm Traunt in Nekrotafeio for a chance to get the Star Helix legendary assault rifle.

  • Maliwan weaponry should charge even faster now. Some legendaries & weapon types had their charge time removed completely. Others had their status damage increased significantly (nope, not the Cutsman) to give people the possibility of deep diving into status damage builds.

  • “insert Dahl, Vladof, Torgue, COV weapon changes here, I’m running out of ideas and my fingers hurt”

  • While we’re trying to make weapons better that don’t see much use right now, we’re also monitoring our legendaries and adjust those seperately from generic weapon type buffs

  • Miscellaneous

  • We are working on new cosmetic items (skins, heads, weapon trinkets and so on), with the intention of rewarding them during your second playthrough of the story in TVHM. We feel like giving our players another incentive to go through the story again. This is an addition to the bank capacity change, which rewards more capacity for completing TVHM.

This is our first big patch, that hopefully contains some much wanted changes.
Please leave your feedback in our specific subforums “Weapon Balancing”, “Skill Balancing”, “Optimization”, “Bugs” & “Mayhem Modifiers”.



Listening to forums is the entire problem with games these days. The people making and maintaining these games should know more then we do. Your main problem seems to be bank space while i say it’s plenty since there only like 20 items in the game worth saving and that is the bigger issue. Reminds me of fo 76 where half the thread were complaining about carry weight when the game was broke af and there was 0 endgame.
Quit pack ratting that woodblocker isn’t ever going to be useful. Also if you must save that much crap you have plenty of room make alt heck use the split screen and store on different accounts.

Bank space was just a small part of these hypothetical patchnotes.
And while you might not have a problem with the bankspace alot of us actually do. Split Screen on PC? Making mule alts? Why not increasing bank space then? Does it hurt you to have more bank space? I don’t really get your intention. Do you just want to flame people for hoarding? Your way of playing the game might not be the “best” or the same for everyone. I mean, thanks for your input, but it’s kinda weird to get a reaction like that… I’m glad you don’t have any problems with bank space tho, all power to you.

Except they don’t most of the time. Devs don’t really have that much time actually playing a game. I’m not suggesting to always implement anything the forums say. But considering the voices.

Do you play a different game? There’s plenty of great items, especially if you play all 4 Vault Hunters. And then we got anointments too…


even if theres only 20 items worth saving, if you want each of those in all elements youre gonna run out of space very quickly


Wasn’t flaming and i did say we need more bank space. But bank space about 30th on the list of what this game needs. First to me someone needs to find the guy with the nerf bat and take it. Then they need content outside the story, mayhem is a joke, tvhm is a joke, what we do have are trials and slaughter missions problem is out of the 9 or so of them only one rewarding. From useless item types to worthess skills to even more useless content there is so much more important then how many items you can hold. I could probably write a book on bugs and broken aspects of the game before even getting to performance and such.
I referenced fo76 because it was the exact same tons of post on how much the could carry so guess what they patched carry weight still wasn’t enough so they patched again ignoring the real issues and as far as i know you have tons of carry weight in fo76 now but noone to play with because everyone quit and there still isn’t any of the real issues fixed.

I don’t read that you say “we need more bank space”, but that aside, I really didn’t focus that much on bank space. Would’ve liked to get some sort of constructive criticism or input. You can just vent here, sure. Let it all out. Now how would you improve the game? What would you like to read in future patchnotes precisely?

Just said it more variety in items, rewarding content, more skills that are even viable. I wish i had bank space problems i have 3 characters with 0 items in inventory and like 30 open slots in bank. And that is because there is no variety in the game. There is one spec for each class with 1 class mod 1 relic and 5 or 6 choices of weapons. I even save items for specs that don’t even exist yet like a roid rebel shield and a heal on melee artifact but has 0 use unless base melee dmg increased. Even have a few low level items if ever decide to level zane.
Now yeah my bank was full early on because id get new items i needed to test but once all that testing done you no longer even need to look at 95 percent of legendarys that drop much less store them.

This is a beautiful patch. :kissing_closed_eyes:


Thats a patch note alright!

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You forgot about LNT. Would definitely like to see them scale back that nerf a little bit. Fix the multi pellet functionality and get rid of the stupid 2 second cooldown. You know. Are it a cool skill and not completely useless

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Well I couldn’t include everything, this list would be too long and I’m not getting paid enough to think of literally everything. But of course I’d like to see it changed again. Some guns have unregistered bullets tho, gotta see how it works with those.

Anything else I’m missing?

It’s not More Bank Space we need. Especially not 100 (more items to trip over from one character to the next) shared.

We need a Separate bank, per character. Like all the previous games.


Hm I certainly need more Bank Space. Doesn’t matter to me if it’s shared or not. Either would be fine. But don’t assume that everyone shares your opinion. I like a big shared stash.

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And what harm would a Separate bank be?

Shared stash is all well and good. But when you have different characters that excel with different weapons/items, having them all together in one big shared stash is frankly idiotic. Time consuming and confusing.

Keep the shared stash as is, that does not bother me.

Not having my own stash, per character. That does bother me.


No harm done, which is why i stated that it doesn’t matter to me :wink:
I simply like having a big shared stash and don’t think it’s idiotic.
You don’t tell people that apples are idiotic, just because you like bananas no?
But back to topic… I don’t care either way, I just need more space “somewhere”.

Gearbox hire this guy, and fire who ever is making these most recent patches.

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ehh whatever I don’t want a pointless argument in this thread, thanks for ur input

I just made a poll.

Lets see what the community really wants.

The fix to bank space is literally already in the game, its just locked for some unknown reason. As far as I can tell with the absurd amount of mules I have (almost 20), there isn’t a limit to the number of characters we can have so the SDUs should be unlocked on all characters as well. That’s it, so easy it’s hard I guess. Great fantasy patch notes BTW, the first major patch must be this massive for me to invest more time or money post patch.

Interesting, was something datamined?
And sure we can make mules. Just wish we didn’t have to. But maybe someone will come up with a good mod someday, not sure how that would work with BL3 tho.