[Update 7] It's raining Annointeds!

Everything is in alphabetical order.
Use “CTRL+F” to find what you’re looking for.

annt = anointed

----------WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR (ANOINTED only)-----------

Alchemist [Double-penetrating only] (100% or 125% anointed)
Band of Sitorak (preferably with SNTL movement speed buff)
Boring Gun (preferably Zane annointed or 100/125%)
Crossroads (fire/corrosive, Barrier annt)
Fungus Among Us (On ASE regenerate 1 grenade)
Infinity (all elements, 100% or 125%)
Knife-Drain White Elephant (with +melee dmg and preferably +health regen)
Performance-enhancing Rough Rider (ASE +melee dmg)
Ruby’s Wrath (ASE +125 or +100 or Moze annointed)
Shooting Star shield [preferably fire] (various annt)
Spring Epicenter (AS regen 1 nade)
Stop-Gap Shields (various annt)
Snowdrift Deathless (+mag size or +splash or +grenade dmg)
Snowdrift Otto Idol (+ mag size or +healthregen or something else good)
Star Helix (ASE +100%/125%)
Trevonator (fire/corrosive, Amara annt)

[LF] God roll class mods for all characters
-Amara Breaker COM with +1 in Find your Center, +melee stat
-FL4K Stalker/Bounty Hunter COM’s with +4 or +5 into Two F4ng or Interplanetary Stalker
-Zane Executor with +45% Hyperion/Dahl crit dmg, +SMG dmg, or +Assault dmg
-Zane, any legendary with +5 Synchronicity & SMG or Assault dmg

------------ GEAR I HAVE TO TRADE -----------

Barrage ------------------- ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus corrosive dmg
Barrage (corr)------------ ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus cryo dmg
B**** ------------------------ On ASE fire rate is increased by 11% reload speed by 26%
Boring Gun (shock) ---- Gamma Burst +65% rad dmg
Breath of the Dying (corr) ---- Digi-clone swap +130% dmg
Butcher (rad) ------------ On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus shock dmg
Butcher (fire) ------------ Gamma Burst, +65% rad dmg
Butcher ------------------- On ASE 125% weap dmg to BA/bosses
Butcher (shock) --------- Phaseslam, +300% weap dmg
Brainstormer ------------ On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus shock dmg
Carrier --------------------- Barrier, acc +60%, crit +30%
Companion --------------- On ASE Crit dmg is increased by 25%
Conference Call --------- ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus fire dmg
Crossroad (cryo) -------- Rakk Attack +1
Crossroad (fire) ---------- After Rakk Attack gain 25% crit dmg
Crossroad (fire) ---------- Gamma Burst ,+65% weap dmg
Crossroad (corr) -------- On ASE gain 15% lifesteal
Crossroad (corr) -------- Barrier, acc +60%, crit +30%
Cutsman (fire) ----------- On ASE 125% dmg to BA/bosses
Cutsman (fire) ---------- One ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus cryo dmg
Dictator ------------------- Barrier, acc +60%, crit +30%
Devoted (fire/rad) ------ ASE 125% dmg to BA/bosses
Duc -------------------------- Phasecast, weap dmg +250%
Expert ASMD ------------ Gamma Burst +65% rad dmg
Face-Puncher ------------ On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus cryo dmg
Face-Puncher ---------- After Phaseslam +200% melee
Flakker -------------------- After exiting Iron Bear next 2 mags 40% bonus incendiary dmg
Flakker (fire) ----------- On ASE, 125% dmg to BA/bosses
Flakker ------------------- Gamma Burst +65% rad dmg
Flakker ------------------- While SNTL active, gain 50% bonus cryo dmg
Flakker (rad) ----------- Phaseslam +300%
Flood ---------------------- On ASE, +100% dmg
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun ----- After Rakk Attack, enemies take 100% more dmg
Gatlin’ Gatling Gun ----- After ASE +100% dmg
Handsome Jackhammer ---- ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus corrosive dmg
Handsome Jackhammer (shock) ---- ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus corrosive dmg
Handsome Jackhammer (rad) ---- ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus rad dmg
Hellshock (fire/shock)----On ASE, next 2 mags 50% bonus corrosive dmg
Hellwalker ----------------- On ASE weapon dmg +100%
Hellwalker ----------------- On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus cryo dmg
Hellwalker ----------------- Phasecast, weap dmg +250%
Infinity ---------------------- On ASE +100% dmg
Kaos (shock) --------------- On ASE +100% dmg
Kaos (corr) ----------------- Rakk Attack +100% weap dmg
King’s Call (fire) ---------- Phaseslam, 300% weapon dmg
King’s Call (fire) ---------- Gamma Burst +65% dmg
Laser-Sploder (fire) ----- On ASE 125% weap dmg to bosses, BA, named
Laser-Sploder (fire) ----- Phasecast, 250% weapon dmg
Laser-Sploder (cryo) ---- On ASE accuracy and handline are greatly increased
Lucian’s Call (cryo) ----- ASE accuracy/handling increased
Lucian’s Call (fire) -------- Rakk Attack +1
Lucian’s Call (fire) -------- On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus rad dmg
Lyuda (fire) ----------------- On ASE 125% weap dmg to bosses, BA, named
Lyuda (rad) ---------------- Phasecast, +250% weap dmg
Maggie --------------------- ASE 125% BA/bosses
Monocle ------------------- Gamma Burst +65% rad dmg
Night Hawkin ------------- Barrier, Acc +60%, crit +30%
Night Hawkin ------------- ASE next 2 mags +50% shock
One Pump Chump ------ On ASE, +100% dmg
Polybius (fire) ------------ After Rakk Attack, +100% dmg
Polybius (cryo) ----------- After Rakk Attack, +25% crit dmg
Queen’s Call (caustic)-----On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus fire dmg
Quickie --------------------- Rakk Attack +100% dmg
Rebel Yell ------------------- Phasecast +250% weapon dmg
Recursion (rad/cryo) ----- Gamma Burst +65% rad dmg
Recursion (rad/cryo) ----- Rakk Attack, +100% dmg
Redline (DP) --------------- Digi-clone swap +130% dmg
Shocking AAA ------------- Phaseslam +300% weapon dmg
Sickle (shock) ------------- On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus fire dmg
Star Helix (shock) -------- After Rakk Attack, gain 25% crit dmg
Super Shredifier ---------- On ASE, deal 125% more weapon dmg to BA, Named, and Bosses
Thunderball Fists ------ After Attack Command, gain 30% lifesteal
Trevonator (cryo)-------- Phaseslam, +300% weap dmg
Try-bolt (cryo) --------- Gamma Burst +65% rad dmg
Warlord ------------------ ASE Crit dmg +25%

Annexed Resolute Lyuda - 938x2 dmg
Burning Scourge
Protuberance (Burning Cocky) - 3627 dmg
Protuberance (Oozing [corr]) - 3469 dmg
Trick Unforgiven - +432% crit dmg

Big Boom Blaster ---- SNTNL, movespeed +15%
Brawler Ward (+300%) ------- After Phaseslam, +200% melee dmg
Re-Charger ----------- Rakk Attack +1 charge
Re-Charger ---------- On ASE, AS cooldown rate increased by 20%
Rectifier ------------- On ASE, AS cooldown rate increased by 20%
Red Suit -------------- On ASE, AS cooldown rate increased by 20%
Rough Rider --------- On ASE, AS cooldown rate increased by 20%
Rough Rider ------- After Phaseslam, +20% damage reduction, +12% movement
Rough Rider ------- After Phaseslam, +200% melee dmg
Stop-Gap ------------- On ASE, AS cooldown +20%
Transformer --------- Exiting Iron Bear gains 75% shields & health for 25 sec
Transformer --------- When exiting Fade Away create a nova that deals 13,013 dmg

Diluvian Firestorm
Generator Tran-fusion Longbow
It’s Piss --------------------- On AS Start regenerate 1 grenade
MIRV-Tacular Hex (rad)
MIRV Widowmaker
Power Siphon Tran-fusion (corr frag) & (cryo longbow) & (rad homing)
Rain Firestorm ------------ On AS Start regenerate 1 grenade
Recurring Hex (Cryo) ---- On AS Start regenerate 1 grenade
Spring Epicenter
Sticky Quasar
Storm Front --------------- On AS Start regenerate 1 grenade

Corrosive Stone White Elephant
--------- +16% rad dmg, +16% shock dmg, +40% mag size
Cutpurse Otto Idol
--------- +17% heavy dmg, +21% AS cooldown, +27% electrocution chance
Cryo Stone White Elephant
-------- +40% mag size, +16% cryo dmg, +14% reload speed
Elemental Projector Deathless
--------- +23% Elemental Resistance, +16% Shock dmg, +1487 health
Elemental Projector Static Charge
--------- +21% AS cooldown, +16% fire dmg, +1666 shield
Fire Stone Commander Planetoid
--------- +17% pistol dmg, +1487 health, +27% irradiate chance
Fire Stone White Elephant
--------- +21% AS cooldown, +40% mag size, +1666 shield
Ice Breaker Otto Idol
--------- +16% corrosive dmg, +29% fire resist, +16% cryo
Ice Breaker Victory Rush
--------- +30% grenade dmg, +27% ignite chance, +27% cryo efficiency
Knife-Drain Commander Planetoid
--------- +16% shock dmg, +16% rad dmg, +29% shock resist
Knife Drain White Elephant
--------- +24% melee, +16% pistol dmg, +37% FFYL move speed
Last Stand Loaded Dice
--------- +12.67 Luck, +7% XP gains, +29% Cryo Resist
Last Stand Otto Idol
--------- +40% mag size, Regen +149 health/sec, +27% melt chance
Loot Expanding Loaded Dice
--------- +12.67 Luck, +27% electrocution chance, +16% cryo dmg
Shock Stone Commander Planetoid
--------- +17% shotgun dmg, +16% fire dmg, +29% rad resist
Snowdrift Deathless
--------- +40% mag size, +30% shield recharge rate, +16% shock dmg
Unleash the Dragon
--------- +25% melee dmg, +29% fire resist

Blast Master — +1 Redistribution, +1 Pull the Holy Pin, +3
------ +29% splash radius, +30% grenade dmg, +20% fire resistance
Bloodletter — +2 Phalanx Doctrine, +1 Thin Red Line, +2 Desperate Measures
------ +28% splash damage, +27% grenade radius, +30% grenade damage
Breaker — +2 Personal Space, +3 Jab Cross
------ +50% melee, +10% COV, +50% Maliwan acc
Phasezerker — +5 Anima
------ +25% weapon dmg, +13% fire rate, -18% dmg reduction

Killavolt’s Shield

I have a shock recurring hex, a phasezerker, and some annointed cutsmans, lyudas, projections, deathless, and a breaker com, etc. I’d be willing to trade. GT is Phoenix Wright6

Have Undermining The Butcher[Rad], Annointed: on ASE, next 2 mags have 50% additional shock dmg.

Have a few sploders in my vault. Annointed ones.

Interested in Spring epicentre, trick unforgiven, and blast master mod, with redistribution and stats like jakobs crit dmg, crit dmg, splash dmg, grenade dmg aoe dmg [if you have]

GT: The d3adpupp3t

I’d take a look at these

Sploders sound good.

I’m usually on after 8pm CST. I was dealing with incoming messages and farming tonight.

Do you still have mirv tacular hex??

very interested in that companion and static charge. have anointed crossroads, rain firestorm and OPC

I have an annointed fire sploder and several class mods for all characters. Also have an annointed cryo hex recurring if you’re interested in that.Interested in Elemental Projector Static Charge and the fire lucians call.

o Hired Gun o

Have an annointed phasecast cutsman. It’s shock and does 250% increased damage after action skill.
Also have annointed
Recurring hex cryo.
Rain Firestorm (yes annointed) :slight_smile:

Not annointed Lucian call corrosive

GT: CriticalHit26

I have a dp annointed boring gun don’t remember for what I will check when I get home later and I might have some more stuff but I’m interested in the rain firestorm and the recurring cryo hex annointed

Messaged all of you above

May have a star helix anointed if anninted cryo hex is still available


What damage and gear score of the Molten Vicious Lyuda?

I’ll check when I get home. I really wish Gearbox had built an app or a part of their website where we could see all our gear when we’re not at home, similar to Destiny’s.

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I have Fire Laser Sploder annointed with +250% after phasecast ( according to the nerds on reddit they say the DP versions of this gun are actually worse. They just burn through ammo even faster with no other benefit).

I also have a recurring Hex Ice Annointed with +1 grenade with skill activation you might want?

Interested in your Elemental Projector Static Charge, And MIRV-tacular radiation grenade.

My GT is EPACALYPSE, let me know if you want to trade.

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What do you want for the rain firestorm?

gt - xCaliburxxx

Anything I have listed at the top under ----What I’m looking for ( Annointed only)----

If you have something else annointed that you think it really cool or a god tier class mod that may work also.

Updated list with tons of new annointeds. New butchers, crossroads, etc etc
All new items are in bold

Specific annointed night Hawkins
Spring epicentre grenade
Annointed 1 pump chump
And whatever you reckon you’ve got that’s good.
Either or any of those

interested in your fire lyuda. have 3 annointed night hawkin, one has ase 100% melee dam. 2nd has ase 2 mags 50% shock. 3rd is annointed gunner, exit iron bear kills increase cooldown 30%.