Update and a bit of a tease!

I “think” it’s a diamond one (but I could be wrong)

edit : and I was ^^

No, it’s wall. The formations choose new slots based on distance from the center to keep ships mobile and from getting weird. A wall that grows out on all sides but prefers ‘close’ will end up a big ‘disc’.


Wait, that ship at the bottom. Is that… an Ion Array Frigate? In multiplayer? :neutral_face:

He’s a dev, he can have Sajuuk in a map if he wants to.

Modders can do it too. Editing Starting fleets is the quickest way that doesn’t require any special tools.


Yes, I’m very much aware that such things can be modded in, I’ve used many such mods myself. I’m just surprised to see something like that in a dev screenshot, I figured the screenshot would be of a stock dev build, not one with extra doodads. But I guess testing modability would be a possibility, or maybe just goofing around :wink:

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For my own day-to-day builds, I tend to want to get into the game as fast as possible, meaning I enable test maps:


And then I load directly into my map - which is a blank testing map that reads the Command-line for a list of ships to load, camera pos, background, etc:

-load parkinglot_cmdline



My Command-Line is just a -params=XXX option - XXX is a file I have open all of the time with a ton of different options. So often, I just turn on loading a specific ship or ships, and go. No clicking, always the same setup, same random seeds, etc - handy for bug repro.


Just some random eye-candy from today. The eagle-eyed among you will spot some of the changes coming in the next patch :wink:



It’s soo big!

Can’t wait to read the patchnotes and play the game with the new patch installed :smiley: this is by far the most excited I have ever been by an upcoming patch :laughing:


I wonder what you could have hidden in an image only featuring a ship ! Intrigued dwarf is intrigued !
But I still miss my banana ship ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit : the Kharak map perhaps ? Or animation of the arms/“solar panels” of the ship ?

I spy, with my little eye… a conspicuous absence. I wonder how long till the interested party notices.

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I actually know what you’re talking about, but they’re there, as always :wink: So that’s not it…

Darnit, and I felt so clever too. Alas. Whatever it is, I haven’t studied the elements in that shot well enough in the current version to spot the differences.

That’s the sign of a really well done flare. It’s there but very subtle. It depends on the map and mission as yes sometimes it’s noticeable by design and sometimes not as much.

In this shot they’re almost completely nuked by 2 things:

  • The bloom/glare is pretty strong.
  • The source is nearly off-screen, and it fades the further from the center you get.

…I was going to say the 3D aspect of the shot seems… more realistic and large. Very nice :smiley:
subtle lighting differences, I can’t put my finger on It… It seems the scene is stretched slightly horizontally, but this seems to be HW normal for the shot… I like it!!! But wait. The planet is not stretched horizontally but slightly vertically… Very good!

That’s the anti-distortion mode, 24-sub lens views side-by-side. Runs great on high-end hardware. Hence why the planet and such aren’t pulling at the edges, and if I were to zoom in on the Ion, it sort of ‘fish eyes’ when very close. But thanks! I worked hard for that mode, I love it.


Looks like you did put your finger on it :wink: Not final, but close… New, improved, all that jazz…


I love it too!!! Well done!!! Yes, I notice the clarity in the scene. Hats off :sunglasses: This looks like a very good fix for the horizontal stretch that seems to be prevalent in the game. You’re a genius!!!

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This looks brilliant! I can’t wait dammit!