Update and a bit of a tease!

Ah, my mistake for not being clearer. What I meant to say is that HW1 RM did not have formations working properly (as they did in HW1 Classic). My complaint was that it seemed they were importing HW1 Classic formations into HW2 RM. My idea was that HW1RM should behave like HW1 Classic, and HW2 RM should behave like HW2 Classic. Having the two mixing mechanics seems counterintuitive since the two games are very different. That was what I was trying to say.

To go deeper: “Formations” are used very differently in HW1 and HW2. In HW1 there are about eight formations and only 4 you really use. In HW2, ships come in squadrons and will assume a formation automatically according to their tactics (which, again, are different from HW1). HW2’s equivalent of Formations are called “Strikegroup Formations” which are designed to use various ship types to create phalanxes, fighter screens, and so forth, while each composite unit (such as the interceptor squadrons, bomber squadrons, frigates etc) is automatically in what can be thought of as HW1 formations (but you don’t get to tinker with those). What this means is less focus on micro and easier control of battlegroups. HW2’s strikegroup formations are not the same as HW1 formations - they work on a larger scale across varying unit types.

Since bringing up my complaint though, a dev has responded that it will be a bit hybrid, but the playstyles of HW1 and HW2 will more or less stick to their original versions, with added tweaks and perks because it’s a Remaster and let’s have fun with it. Playtesting apparently is going well so… I’m not really upset anymore.

I hope that makes sense? :slight_smile:


Ah ok, makes more sense !
I was just beginning to think I was an idiot and was missing something obvious in one of your post ^^

lol not at all. The sentences I wrote were ambiguous. Glad I could clear it up :slight_smile:

This “soon” can’t be soon enough ! :smiley: (though you said soon back in December as well :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Remember when we thought it was going to be our Christmas present?
Sadly in the life of a programmer, nothing is ever “nearly done” it’s either done or it isn’t.
Bugs are like Hydra, cut down one head and two more shall spawn in it’s place

Correct me if I’m wrong

There is any plan to modify the tutorial? Like, uhm… Any new player who starts HW1RM and does the tutorial would end up learning that to build units he/she has to build subsystems first and that he/she has to build marine frigates to capture enemy vessels, but in the campaign he/she will end up using a different race with no subsystems, different ships and different mechanics (there is no capturing-progress-bar showing when using salvage corvettes, for example).

Edit: I’m providing videos
H1RM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9DfA73ElFA
H2RM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE2Oz30loXM

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I’m not sure I follow. HW1RM and HW2RM have separate tutorials that apply to their respective races and that should still be the case after the patch. The formation, movement and balance changes as far as I understand them shouldn’t effect what makes HW1 and HW2 races different for the most part.

They never provided an updated manual or tutorial for Homeworld 1 Remastered even though it was fundamentally changed and needed one.


Could be an excuse to look at revamping campaign creation tools.

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I want my ship mutation to be healing factor!!! It should take 5 battle cruisers continuous fire from both ions 5 minutes to kill my healing factor carrier!!! Let the mutations begin!!!

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Looks awesome ! :slight_smile: but why are the two beams on the left slightly curved ? :smiley:

That’s a sorta fish-eye lens I often run with… Like the 360 shots I did, but I think only… 160-180 degrees wide?


pulse ships… now with “trick shot” ablility :smiley:


Ah okay, was just not sure it was the fish-eye you used in other shots since the resolution is just “normal” 4k resolution and ratio and I was under the assumption that the fish-eye effect came from a super widescreen ratio :wink:

Seems like the aggressive sphere formation is going to hold :smiley:


OK. This is cooler than s^#t

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played the patch?
which code monkeys ears do I have to scratch behind for such a privilege?

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@BitVenom , do you plan to add Black Hole in the game, something like Nebula with radiation, when you approach the blackhole, you have an effect on the ship.? [The Black Hole can have, in visual part, some object on their orbits, why not, something like Asteroid, but not necessary ^^]

At a certain distance, you lose some power of the ship (result of reduce speed and resistance), if you go after the point of Event Horizon, you lose HP.

And why not, the Wormhole to transport units between two points, but this part is something like Hyperspace platform, so doesn’t necessary for now.

Sounds Sins-ish. Is this a planned feature? Has any of the devs ever mentioned at looking at this? Has anyone made a thread requesting this? I try and keep up to date with most of the forums and this is the first I hear of it.

Its just your post sounds like you’re expecting it to be in the patch, just wondering where it’s coming from :slight_smile: