Update and no teasing at all

Howdy! First, the good stuff:

And then, the better stuff:

The much anticipated 2.0 patch of Homeworld Remastered Collection is going
to be released June 7th 2016 - is that Soon enough for you?


Congratulations to all the members of the GBX team, and to all the persons here who helped !

It was a long road and a daunting task, so thank you all ! <3


Cool, might reinstall then just to see if it feels like hw1 again or not, hope it is but well see. But if im honest ive lost most of my interest in hw these days, just not the same as it was 10 years ago when i was active about it with modding and playing etc.

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we shall see . . . . . . .

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YES! Thank you and congratulations for getting this monster done.

Patch notes day is going to be interesting, especially on the modding side given even half of what you’ve been hinting at.


This ! *a lot !

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The patch notes are actually pretty high level. The lower level documentation for script and behavior changes, Mod support stuff, will happen here as an ongoing process once the patch is out.


Can’t wait! 4 days! This means it’s the final push and the modding community can proceed full steam ahead without any more reservations :smiley:
…thank you guys…

I imagine there will be bugs, as there are always bugs. But I don’t think that any follow-up work will change systems too much beyond what is there on June 7th.


My body is not ready!

purrs like a kitten in the middle of a laser show festival


I uh…wow…
This can’t be happening. YES!!!



Have you guys looked into HW1 resource collector behaviour? They bug out when mining resources next to salvagable wreckage, since they have to leave that job to the salvage corvettes. Still they try to do it themselves and just kinda get stuck while trying to dock with carrying it.

Good deal!

A pretty large amount of work was done rebuilding the salvage logic, and related ‘latch’ logic (used for salvage, repair, harvesting, etc).

I won’t go so far as to call it ‘perfect’ - because bugs will be bugs - but a great many visual and behavioral issues are gone…


Woohoo! So excited for this to be released. I can take bugs. Just being able to play with formations, ballistics, and everything else that has been shown will make me happy. Thank you all for keeping this project going.

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I REALLY hope that fans take a minute to play the game at 2.0. HW1/HW2/MP. Come at it with fresh eyes, etc.

That said, I think that with all of the new systems and tools you’re going to see Mods do some really exciting stuff. It’ll take a while for them to get there, but the results are going to be worth the wait.

I equally hope that Mod authors see value in taking time to refine their gameplay and design decisions with respect to what we’ve added/changed. ‘Old’ choices run the very large risk of making no sense given the way systems in this patch interoperate. A major gameplay Mod that ends up in the public hands before… I dunno, August? Is probably rushed and an unbalanced mess; or just loaded with edge-cases and exploits. That, or many features have been gutted and systems neutered to reduce the complexity of their workload.


Wohooooo it is finally here (almost ^^), I’m so excited to play through both campaigns once more :slight_smile:

Any news on topic of General Failure CTD?

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Was there some modifications on the UI side of things ? I know it was not a priority at all, just asking

Generally, no. That wasn’t my area in this case (generally speaking), and I know we cleaned/fixed some bugs - but very little otherwise. I think Anchors got some pretty serious reworking to help clean up some of the layouts…