Update at 7:00 pm est 9/23/19 ? ..Just happened

I was playing today and a half hour ago i had to leave to main menu because there was an “update” it said. But i cant find any new patch notes for todays patch?
Ps i already have the 19/19 patch so it isnt that.


I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve had this message appear probably 15-20 times since launch, even though friends I’m playing with don’t.

Yeah I’ve seen this plenty of times since launch too, but nothing obvious seems to have changed.

That’s probably just the hotfix reapplying. If you close the game all the way it has to hot fix again.

Odd. I got one today, too and yesterday or that’s what it said anyway. I was wondering why nothing seems to have changed in the game. Maybe I should ignore the next prompt until I dbl check if it’s legit or not. Edit: BTW I’ve been playing for a couple hrs and never saw this before I Dashboarded out to save a mail item I accidentally deleted. So that means it’s probably not reapplying the fix when I first start up the game like it’s supposed to. I thought it was new and now I’m :disappointed_relieved: cause this gane needs serious tweaks.

From my experience this tends to be the result of the game being in Offline mode, then coming back online, it wants you to go to the main menu to refresh this.

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I have been playing offline lately cause I keep losing connection but only on this game. It gets really annoying to see that prompt 10-20 times a day so I just stayed offline for the last coupl days.