Update Available - Return to title screen

I get a message that an update is available and to return to title screen. I don’t see anything happening once i go there any ideas ?


Idk if its a bug or they can live update the game but yeah its only happened to me once… havent had it happen today.

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I just had this happen to me. It stated there were updates available and do I want to go to the title screen it doesn’t appear to do anything. Also, the last posted “update” was on the 27th and I have played a lot since then so why would there be a 2 day delay? I suspect this is an erroneous message or something?

There are two types of updates:
1: An Update where the game version changes because a new executable file was downloaded.
2: A Hotfix where special issues can be changed AFTER the game is running.

The EGS Launcher will display the latest UPDATE (game ver) however you’ll need to be ONLINE and depending on your internet, stay on the main menu for a little while to give it time to load the HOTFIX.

Edit: as of today’s date, the easiest way to confirm the HOTFIX was loaded is to check that your GR 1st column last item says “temporarily disabled” or something to that effect


I understand about the two types of updates but that doesn’t really explain the behavior I saw. If it was an update it shouldn’t have been applied 2+ days later (I don’t play offline). If it’s a hotfix it should be applied when the game loads (again I don’t play offline).

This means you were playing the game without the HOTFIX being loaded, nothing about the update from the 27th.

From what I’ve seen, the only time the game tells you to return to title screen is to install the HOTFIX… never an update.

Sorry, if I’m misunderstanding, or not explaining it right :frowning:

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OK, but why wouldn’t it have applied the HOTFIX when the game loaded initially? I don’t ever play offline. It also doesn’t indicate it’s applying any patch when you exit out to the title screen so it’s all a bit confusing as to what is going on.

Yeah, I know what you mean but it can take several seconds at the title screen and up to perhaps a couple of minutes on slow internet.

I know if I press enter as soon as the title screen is up, the hotfix won’t be loaded.

And I agree something showing version/patch/hotfix on the title screen would be GREAT - I’m going to submit that as a feature request

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