Update Coming to Borderlands 2 on October 29, 2015

REALLY shouldn’t admit things like that here.

@KillerBee33 BL2 is only a three year old game, not six.
And, as I wrote before, use one of those old cards as a dedicated PhysX card.

its really only higher end cards, with many cores, since you only use one.

Eoops. I thought that was one of the more accepted tinkerers around. My mistake then.

this is the official gearbox forums. officially, no tinkering.

Plus, a lot of us are on console, which makes such things strictly verbotten. If in doubt about something, and it’s not covered by the rules, you can always PM one of the mods.

It’s cool to alienate your solo-preference players. Especially after 3 years, when even if you wanted to (I don’t), finding 3 random people to play with is getting increasingly difficult.

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I assume you’re a console player? PC players can use the difficulty slider mod.

Both actually, but I started on console

Also, is the difficulty slider an external program I have to use? If so, how is that different from, say, a save editor or a cheat engine?


I suppose, but since the mod makes the game harder instead of easier, I’m hoping the mods are ok with the discussion of it.

I’m not disagreeing or anything, my point is that outside tools that are used to enhance the player’s experience, be they difficulty sliders or cheat engines or save editors, should be embraced equally.

By removing the 4-player glitch in this update, the developers have stated that solo players aren’t meant to play in that way. Effectively, solo players aren’t meant to see Vermi.

So, if I want to get a Norfleet, and I use an external program to activate 4-player difficulty to make it easier to spawn Vermi, how is that any different than if I just used a save editor to give myself one?

This !
That Capstone scales so bad at OP8… :sweat:
How does it work with this patch ?? :open_mouth:

This isn’t an appropriate forum to discuss the use of third party software.

Solo players aren’t meant to be able to take on raid bosses designed for non-solo player teams, by the definition of all the phrases used, yes.

There are plenty of games that reserve certain pieces of content for co-op or dedicated MP. The assumption that because you glitched the game to get X beforehand, that you deserve X now that the glitch has been fixed, beggars belief.

Gamers really don’t like being told they’re entitled. My advice would please don’t give people reason to call you such.

Nevermind the fact that people are mixing up symptoms of bugs with the bugs being fixed. The four-player glitch could’ve been the (compound) result of another bug(s) that had to be fixed for . It could have also been removed intentionally, sure. But nobody here is going to know that.

There is no “alienation” here. We got a patch years after the game was released that fixed a metric butt-ton of stuff that we didn’t need. And people are complaining because their exploits no longer work? That’s not alienation, that’s demanding bugfixes but complaining when bugs you like are fixed. Software development doesn’t work like that. Bugs are bugs are bugs.

Excuse the rantish tone if that’s how you read it, it’s not intentional. Just got my serious tone on :smile:


Apologies for sounding entitled and for derailing the topic into third party software.

My original point still stands, however. The fact that solo players had to use a glitch that is now fixed in this newest update (brought it back to the original topic :wink: ) is evidence of poor game design. If solo players want to be able to take on raid bosses, they should be allowed to. This isn’t entitlement. This is me wanting to play the game that the designers created. The fact that I had to use a now-fixed glitch does not show that there’s something wrong with me (and the many other players who used the glitch) but that there’s something wrong with the game.

I agree that they should have fixed the glitch, but there should be some way for solo players to spawn Vermi. Vermi itself is a deeply flawed design.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with this.

How does it show there is something wrong with the game? The boss appears is an evolution based cycle, which is heightened depending on the number of players. It is meant to be rare, and raid bosses were meant to be fought by 4 people. Note the annoying reminder how “we will die” if we don’t, every time you take one on during a quest.

For this to be correct, Vermivorous’ design would some how affect the rest of gameplay. It is an optional raid boss. Exclusivity for features or bosses is an aspect of the game which is meant to feature a certain mode of play.

This thread, unless I’m mistaken, is mainly for discussion of the features of the patch. For further commentary, ideas, questions, comments or concerns perhaps you’d like to field them in the following thread where they’re being discussed;


Well first off a RAID boss by definition is a boss that you need a RAID PARTY to fight, they are bosses designed for co-op. That being said they are also solo able, so gearbox has already gone above and beyond there.

But not everything in a game that is solo and co-op needs to be available to solo, its ok if a few things are limited to co-op. As long as thats not a huge part of the game. Right now we are talking vermi, you can spawn him solo its just harder.

I don’t get the issue?

Vermi wasn’t a raid boss though. Spawning him was a unneeded torture.

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But he is, he’s classed as one and as far as I know his health is miles above any standard boss.