Update Coming to Borderlands 2 on October 29, 2015

Here’s another thing. I’ve been away from B2 itself for awhile, but when did they change the descriptors for slag and Hyperion weapons? It used to be:

[Hyperion pistol/shotgun/SMG] “Firing increases accuracy.” >> “Sustained fire increases accuracy.”
[Hyperion sniper rifle] “Firing increases accuracy.” >> “Sustained fire and aiming down the sights increases accuracy.”
[Slag] “Slagged enemies take more damage” >> “Slagged enemies take additional non-slag damage.”

It was always Lyuda on PC AFAIK. A quick search on the patch notes showed nothing about it changing names.

There was something in the most recent patch notes about correct text displaying on weapon cards.

Is the White Death also corrosive?

Yes, I noticed that!!! I mentioned it to my friend who also said it was different!

It can be Corrosive and Incendiary for sure as I’ve had one of each

All elements used to be called White Death on Xbox. I used to have one of each and they were all called the White Death. At first I thought the patch had only changed the Lyuda name to Lyudmila on the platforms that had that name, but it looks like there is no more White Death. They changed the name on Xbox to Lyuda, but apparently only the newly generated ones will have that name, as the one I have in the bank is still called White Death. Before the patch, both PC and PS had the Lyuda, while the Xbox had the White Death. Now Xbox and PC have the Lyuda, and PS has the Lyudmila. I’m really struggling to see the point in this change. I actually like that they changed the name on Xbox to Lyuda, as I like that name better. If they had changed it so that all platforms had the same name it would make sense, but I have no idea why they would change everything and still have one of the platforms singled out from the others. At least before the patch the different names were references to different real life snipers, but now both names are a reference to the same sniper. Why not just call it Lyuda or Lyudmila on all platforms? That’s why I’m still wondering if the change on Xbox is intentional or just a bug.

I think what @VaultHunter101 was really getting at is the fact that both of the Lyuda screenshots posted above are for corrosive versions.

In other words, for new drops, is the corrosive version called a Lyuda while the incendiary variant called the White Death (or something else)? Or are all the new ones on Xbox now called Lyuda regardless?

(I found it odd that both screenshots are actually for Corrosive Skorry Lyuda. What are the chances? heh)

As for how this is possible, I don’t see it being very hard to add a new equip to the loot pools that uses existing art (model, texture, behavior, etc.) in a PATCH (not a hotfix). Just tweak Gettle to drop the new version of the equip, which is functionally different than the old White Death, and bam… you have both a White Death and a Lyuda on the same save file.

Yea, I don’t really understand what is going on with the White Death / Lyuda / Lyudmila post-patch either. Mainly, I don’t understand why the naming convention isn’t consistent even on the same platform. Last time I checked, my White Death Sniper rifles still had that name. I will double-check next time I get on BL2 to see if the name has changed.

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Oh, ok. Sorry about that. I did some more farming today to confirm this. I got three more from Gettle, one NE, one slag and another corrosive, varied prefixes. All named Lyuda. I also went to Sanctuary to check the one in the bank and lo and behold… The name has changed to Lyuda. I guess all it took to force it to change was finding a new one. So yeah, I guess this pretty much confirms that the White Death is now officially called Lyuda on Xbox.

All the new ones I’ve gotten after the patch have been consistently named Lyuda and now my old one has changed to Lyuda as well. It just took a while. You should check yours. If they haven’t changed, try farming for a new one and see if the name changes, or maybe just try a save and quit. If they intended on getting rid of the White Death name to unify it across platforms, I understand it and I actually kinda like it, but I don’t understand why it’s called Lyudmila on PS now. At least before the patch the different names had a reason behind them. Now it seems like they made it different just to make it different. It’s just weird. Why not call it the Lyuda on all platforms? That’s what made me think that at least some of this is unintentional. Maybe they wanted to change the name to Lyudmila across all platforms, but for some reason it didn’t work on PC and Xbox.


Can you give me an accurate mb/gb size for the update please? When I first go to update it registers only 650mb. Is that it or is it a bigger update?

Yeah, I think that would be about right, maybe smaller. It took a very short while to download over here, and that’s on a Wifi that’s battling with a laptop, an Xbox One and several mobile devices connected to it.

Thank you for your response. My Internet is unlimited… But after 4 gigs of high speed it significantly drops… I’ve used my 4 gigs… So I’m lookin at like 200kbps max speed. So I’m gonna add an extra gig to update now I know it’s not another almost 8gig update

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I don’t remember exactly how big it was, but it was pretty small. I’m 100% certain it was less than a gig. Only took me a couple of minutes to download and install.

IIRC it was either 40 or 60 MB - I did both BL2 and TPS the same day, and neither took long at all. The patches are pretty small since a lot of the changes involve adjusting numbers in look up tables.

Is there a current issue with an update… I get to 32% and it says there’s an unexpected error and stops.

I didn’t experience any issues when I downloaded the patch, but I’m on the Xbox 360. Apparently some people had issues when updating the Handsome Collection, but not everyone. I’m not aware of any recurring issue with the download. Sorry, but I honestly don’t know what could be causing the problem you’re experiencing, so I can’t help you.

GBX did say that the update for XB1 would be a lot bigger because of the networking and stability patches. If it happens again today, I’d suggest putting a ticket in at support.gearboxsoftware.com.

on ps4 it was 10g… :confused:

On PS3 it was 600 megs :stuck_out_tongue:

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