Update Coming to Borderlands 2 on October 29, 2015

After some cooperative play, I can attest that Cloud Kill is in fact balanced. Doesn’t change the flow of combat all that much, but now I can occasionally second wind off a flesh enemy that I shot a few times before I even went down. Certainly a gamechanger in that regard, but hardly broken in how much it does during the majority of combat. Looking forward to using it on turrets in the Peak. :smile:

Definitely considering attempting to complete Normal mode 1life2live as Maya now that we have fastballs and this cool damage skill.

It’s still not as powerful or useful as Execute, Converge, or a number of other mid tier skills.

It’s about where it should be.


It is quite fantastic of them. But also smart.

Minecraft is still being updated too and that came out even longer ago. :smile:

It seems to me that Gaige’s Deathtrap definitely got a buff to some of his upgrades. His shock beam thing was doing work on a mutated BA Varkid last night when I was playing co-op with a Gaige.

How about PhysX Performance? When is that going to be Fixed? I bought and sold 3 GPU’s to run this game and still no luck.

The PhysX on High effects are pretty awesome as is. My brother, a friend, and I all run PhysX on High. If you’re having trouble, just use a slightly older GTX card as a dedicated PhysX card.

Have fun!

I believe this is more of an Unreal Engine thing, the Physx software bundled with the game’s version of UE3 is fundamentally flawed to a single core process, optimization at the game’s end isn’t going to help much. TPS tried to with some ini optimization, but that game still has performance issues on Physx, not as bad as BL2 but still pretty bad.

Has anyone tried to farm tubbies in single player yet? This is an activity that I’ve enjoyed a lot thanks to the 4 player scaling ‘feature’ being a mostly single player. I’d be sad to see this gone completely. I don’t know how much more gearbox will invest in BL2, but maybe bettering the spawn rates of enemies hard to find in single player mode could be one of them.

I spent some time playing yesterday on the 360 and I love this patch. The game looks and runs better than ever. All of the stability and balance fixes are amazing, they did a great job fixing almost every glitch there was, I tried the camera-based vehicle steering mode and I actually got a few Fastballs from Boll. Now I wanna go and try to get my first Cobra ever. I also can’t wait to find my first Dahl Efficiency skin. It’s exciting! This patch has almost everything I’ve ever wanted from a final patch and I’m extremely thankful for this. That said… I hope it isn’t really the final patch for this game, cause there’s still some really important stuff missing. Here’s what I feel still needs to be done and I know for sure I’m not alone in wanting these things:

  • The fixing of the 4-player glitch was a good thing. It needed to be done. May Gearbox rid the Borderlands of every single glitch there is! However, the spawn chances for Vermivorous and 000 still need to be increased during solo play in UVHM. It’s the only reason people used the 4-player glitch in the first place. A lot of people wanted this even before the patch, while the gate trick was still available. Even though the focus of the game was always in co-op, a pretty big part of your player base is made up of solo players. You really shouldn’t shun them out of portions of the game or do anything that would make the experience more frustrating for them.

  • You fixed the drop rate for the Cobra. That’s amazing and really surprising. However, nothing was done to fix the drop rate of the skins you’re supposed to get from the Hyperion assassins. Notice that I said “supposed to get”, because it’s virtually impossible to get one of them to drop. They clearly shouldn’t be that rare, so the drop rate for them must be bugged. While we’re at it, it’s nice that the community day heads and skins can now be obtained as world drops, but the drop rate for them is almost as abysmal as it is for the ones from the assassins. They need a higher drop rate as well. Character customizations really shouldn’t be among the rarest items in the game. This is one of the biggest pet peeves I’ve had with this game ever since I started playing it.

  • You know, that second set of pearlescents that drop from Tubbies could really use a slightly increased drop rate as well.

  • The patch caused a new issue that made the text on the item cards of a few grenades disappear. That needs to be fixed.

  • At least consider giving Krieg his raving rants back. I don’t play Krieg, but apparently a lot of people who do want this.

In my mind, that’s all this game needs to be as close to perfect as it can be. I know it seems like entitlement to be asking for more stuff after such a huge, amazing patch has been given to us so late in the game’s life cycle, but I felt like I needed to say this.

Thanks again for the patch and thanks for listening to us. You rock, Gearbox!


Couldn’t agree more. It’s not like it even matters much since theirs no 3rd-person view (other than when you’re in a vehicle). Collectibles are great, and some people really go nuts for them, but when they’re purely cosmetic and don’t add anything to the game-play, making them rarer than hen’s teeth is a bit much.


I used it to “train” for the peak as well. It gave me a change to increase the difficulty to work out play styles and note potential ammo consumption issues as well.

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So, you’re saying that Borderlands 2:


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I’ve never used the 4-player glitch to farm tubbies, and i get them reasonably often. Matter of fact, the last 3 times i went through Frostburn I got a tubby spiderant. Now, that is a fluke of RNG, but Frostburn and the Dust are good spots for farming without the 4-player glitch.

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I see. Maybe instead of just increasing the spawn chances for Vermi and OOO, they could actually go the extra mile and implement an official difficulty slider. I actually thought about mentioning that in my post, but I figured just an increase to those bosses spawn chances would be easier to do.

@Poisd2Strike LOL… The thing is, I’ve been farming tubbies for almost a year now and I never even seen ANY of those pearls (I do have every single one of their exclusive class mods, though). At this point, I’ll gladly take a Wanderlust from them. I have a feeling the sight of a Wanderlust would be somehow less frustrating when you didn’t waste months farming for it.

Sux! had 760Ti,970 and now 980 and i7 4770 friggin 600$ GPU cant handle a 6YO game :frowning:

I farm tubbies without the four player slider often. Frostburn has pretty good spawn chances, it would seem at least, and a lot of separate spiderant packs, with each one usually having a couple BAs. Hell, last time I did a tubby run on frostburn, I had four spawn in a single run through frostburn without the glitch active. Still a bummer when they keep dropping their skins instead of anything useful, but that is a gripe for another day

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I’ve always farmed tubbies in single player. Frostburn, Dust, and Arid Nexus Badlands are my go to places.

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Never had an issue getting tubbies to spawn, and I don’t intentionally 4p glitch ever (I say intentionally because sometimes I would farm Hyperius, then forget and go elsewhere without resetting. But the number of enemies and their health/shields was very obvious and I’d usually reset once I noticed). Also, I’ve spawned OOO three times without ever 4p glitching and had him drop a Twister twice; I agree they need to increase the odds of tubby spawns, OOO, and Vermi, but it’s not completely hopeless without it. I did have some accidental awesomeness as a result of 4p glitching though (OP8 Digi run with 4 Saturns, and my Vermi/Son of Craw double raid fight.) Good times…

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Indeed, the 4 player difficulty enhancement has made for very memorable gaming. I’ve had a blast, and I could never complain about not having got my money’s worth. However, I would like it if spawning some of these enemies were not the new cobra drop rate (for the singles out there).

Thank you Gearbox, for the tons of fun and entertainment you delivered with this title. my customized heads off to you.

I only play solo, so I feel ya. Aside from Tubbies, I completely agree. I just never had too much of an issue farming them without enabling the glitch. Granted my RNG luck on what they drop has been complete ■■■■ lately.

With the update, I have pretty much given up hope of ever getting my hands on a twister, which is a total bummer. I will definitely give you that.