Update Coming to Borderlands 2 on October 29, 2015

Deathmark and Kunai are back to 20%… Well, thank you.

Is there a list somewhere of all the skills that were modified ?

All I have as info is that Maya would get special attention… but that’s it.

And specifically: Will I be able to make my Unforseen Spy build in UVHM now ?

That is just depressing.

I don’t think there is a list of which character skills, specifically, were boosted. However, Maya isn’t the only character to get boosts. There is a Gaige Thread discussing some of the changes to Gaige’s skills post-patch. Also, I am pretty sure I remember someone mentioning a boost to Zer0’s Unf0reseen skill. I will see if I can recall where I saw that recently mentioned.

EDIT: Found it, @Chuck80 . Here is the post that shows a video of Unf0reseen post-patch.

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Here’s the proof:

Ok, I think I need to severy backpedal on my hype for this patch. I guess YouTube will let me know when this is fixed again. Until then, I’ll just not play this game anymore until the Kunai change is reverted I’m sure I have accumulated enough games through Steam sales so that at least one doesn’t randomly patch in old bugs that people endlessly complained about.

Seriously Gearbox, get your ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ together -.-

Well I guess Zer0 is now “more in line with the other characters” if by “the other characters” you mean “Axton”

REALLY shouldn’t admit things like that here.

@KillerBee33 BL2 is only a three year old game, not six.
And, as I wrote before, use one of those old cards as a dedicated PhysX card.

its really only higher end cards, with many cores, since you only use one.

Eoops. I thought that was one of the more accepted tinkerers around. My mistake then.

this is the official gearbox forums. officially, no tinkering.

Plus, a lot of us are on console, which makes such things strictly verbotten. If in doubt about something, and it’s not covered by the rules, you can always PM one of the mods.

It’s cool to alienate your solo-preference players. Especially after 3 years, when even if you wanted to (I don’t), finding 3 random people to play with is getting increasingly difficult.

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I assume you’re a console player? PC players can use the difficulty slider mod.

Both actually, but I started on console

Also, is the difficulty slider an external program I have to use? If so, how is that different from, say, a save editor or a cheat engine?


I suppose, but since the mod makes the game harder instead of easier, I’m hoping the mods are ok with the discussion of it.

I’m not disagreeing or anything, my point is that outside tools that are used to enhance the player’s experience, be they difficulty sliders or cheat engines or save editors, should be embraced equally.

By removing the 4-player glitch in this update, the developers have stated that solo players aren’t meant to play in that way. Effectively, solo players aren’t meant to see Vermi.

So, if I want to get a Norfleet, and I use an external program to activate 4-player difficulty to make it easier to spawn Vermi, how is that any different than if I just used a save editor to give myself one?

This !
That Capstone scales so bad at OP8… :sweat:
How does it work with this patch ?? :open_mouth: