Update Coming to Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on May 19

Hey guys, glad to see everything seems to be going well for everyone so far! If you should happen to experience any issues with stuff that is listed in the patch notes, I’ve started a thread where we can start collecting that info here:

The 5/19/15 Patch Issues Thread


I was wondering in the patch notes under general that there are graphical improvements…hate to ask in detail joe_king but were there ANY made to BL2? Im downloading the patch now for it and was just curious on the specifics. If so can you list?

Well, update is at 73%. My beardy double head is gone, and my and my brother’s equipped guns,except for the vibra pulse, are all gone. Scared to even check my other characters. -_-

Edit: splitscreen fov still not fixed. sigh
edit 2: claptrap dlc is gone, rip flayer, glitched quad and absolute zero. All claptastic voyage stuff gone.
edit:3 my bad. The dlc stuff came back in the last 13%, whew!

Badass rank was reset to 0. Had to import my cloud save which wiped all the weapons I had on the new console. And seemed to have lost my loyalty reward completely.


Hey bro before you imported cloud did you change characters at the main menu. I know in bl2 if you cycled through all character playthroughs that fixed the badass rank issue

yup. rank was reset on all toons.

Ah,damn. Sorry to hear.

Awesome patch thanks. We now have denial subroutine to farm. Cant wait to see what he drops.

That was one hell of a download! Anyway thank you GBX for continuing to support the game!

All screen-tearing gone for me now on PS4 Pre-sequel. Perfect timing as just notified patch had installed after completing the 3hrs of Destiny download content, now for some real gaming.

Hmm, no fixes for the glitched challenges? That’s ok, though. Who needs that fixed when you can have color changing light bars instead lol?

I wasn’t aware there was a legendary loot exploit for eos unless they mean “moonshot” farming him. They didn’t fix the warrior, why change eos?

alotta welcome changes, but trying to fix the eos exploit is tragically easy to overcome. some body in management should get a clue. unless you want to become anal over all possible holes, persuing these are literallly a waste of resources and probably will piss off people.

if pfork is the one still insisting, somebody needs to give him a reality check that being an neurotic azzhat might look good in petri but is rarely is well received in situ.

–i’ll add special props for the map cursor … but it may have had better use in bl2 (it applies to tps only right) where the location count is much larger

Finally got stuck in to Claptastic now. Runs smooth. As. Butter.
Awesome work GBX ladies n gentlemen.

@roblivion: file a support ticket on this for sure.


they need to fix Hyperion aswell

Gearbox, please respond.

I’ve updated my system with the extremely large 7.7GB file and I’m still having issues with the game. In fact, I believe that I’m actually worse off then I was before. The screen tearing is still present, however, i’m now dealt with the issue of my character’s movement speed slowing down to a crawl at times. Additionally, browsing the in game menu as well as vendor menus are sluggish. For $60 I expected to get a game that was finished. Not to wait weeks for an update to fix major issues and then be left off worse then I started. What can be done about this?

I’m digging the fixed visuals. Frame rate seems solid. No screen tearing.

Experienced some audio issues in TPS. Audio became static until i exited to menu.

Have you filed a support ticket using the link two posts up?

No - I didn’t see that post. I’ll try that. Thanks.