Update coming to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (12/11 - 12/16) -- Updated


The next major update for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is coming very soon. This update will add support for the release of the second downloadable add-on pack, Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack: The Holodome Onslaught, and several bug fixes. Depending on your platform, you may receive the update at one of a few different times, so below is a list of when you can expect to see the newest update:

  • Xbox 360: Released Friday, December 12
  • PlayStation 3: Tuesday, December 16
  • Steam: Tuesday, December 16

As we announced last week, December 16th will also bring the release of Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack: The Holodome Onslaught. Here’s when that DLC will be available in each territory:

  • Xbox 360: Tuesday, December 16
  • Steam: Tuesday, December 16
  • PlayStation 3: Tuesday, December 16

For PlayStation 3 players outside of North America, the add-on pack will be available on 12/17 as soon as the PlayStation Store updates in your territory. Xbox 360 users will also be prompted to download a new Compatability Pack in the coming days.

Full patch notes detailing what you can expect in the update will be posted here:

Xbox 360 Update Information
PlayStation 3 Update Information
PC Update Information

As we previously announced, this update will also include a third playthrough for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. You can read all of the details about that playthrough right here.


I like the updates more here so I can like it officially

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You guys now have the option to flag my update posts if you hate them! Although, I’ll probably veto :wink:


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You gave 'em the idea. Now we just wait for the day someone actually does it.

I assume the team has tried doing the To The Moon quest in UVHM, just to make sure the beacon’s health scales properly. It would be hilarious if it didn’t, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Two things regarding the PC notes:

Firstly, what is a “Hardcoded Micropatch”, as versus a regular old patch, anyway? Is this gonna roll out differently somehow?


•Fixed an issue where the second player in a split screen game was unable to use the SHiFT vending machine.

Uhhh, you guys sure these are the PC notes after all?

Sending both of these notes to the support team to update the KB. This first one should read “Hardcoded Hot Fixes” – basically adding hot fixes to the game so they’ll be in place even if you’re offline.

See above. Thanks!

YAY I can do “to the moon” solo soon

Also, flagged because REASONS!!!

Between fixing the flying guardians in the Sentinel fight, and fixing To The Moon (on the 16th), I’m a happy camper.

Can’t wait for the update and the new DLC :thumbsup:

Just in general, thanks to the devs for releasing the patch notes ahead of time this go round. Very cool.

Merci Beaucoup

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  • Enabled “Handsome AI” side mission in main game for all three

So looking forward for this!

I’ll take you up on that :wink:

For give my ignorance, but this “update” is supposed to enable uvhm, but I still have the"willow" listed. I haven’t been prompted to download anything either. Is this a “hotfix” or prompted download? I’m on xbox and it’s after 7:00 am on the east coast.

Me too isn’t that supposed to change and I did the update on xbox