Update Coming to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on October 29, 2015

An update is coming to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on Thursday, October 29! These updates will contain various bug fixes and performances improvements.

The update will be available worldwide on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 29. The updates are currently scheduled to roll out in the early morning (PDT) on Xbox 360 and by the early afternoon (PDT) on PlayStation 3 and PC.

Links to the full update notes can be found below:

For support with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel or Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, please visit support.gearboxsoftware.com.



  • Dang!
  • Double dang!!

BTW, does this mean that there will also be a BL2 update for 360 announced soon?
Edit: NVM - just saw the announcement in BL2:News. I think the closed Battleborn forum may be interfering a little with the “New” posts count/page?

A lot of it just seems like fixing abuse-case glitches or just fixing random stuff in general.

Somewhat disappointing on the whole weapons front…but I will finally remove my Boss Nova from my Shift Machine to see if its worth it.

Also what’s this

Purple rarity rocket launchers will now use the appropriate material.

+1 for this

Players now have an option to turn off the Oxygen V/O Warning Messages through the pause menu during gameplay.

Some good stuff here - thanks to Jeff and the team - but did I overlook anything about the EOS health glitch issue?

My guess is the fact purple Tediore launchers have the blue rarity skin instead of the one they should.

Somewhat disappointed they didn’t add the unobtainables, but it’s okay. Was hoping they would at least all make them drops from eos or the rank 9 simulator round.

Yea i thought they were going to add some of those unobtainables in as well. But maybe theres still another patch for the pre sequel.

Yeah, gearbox has showed that they care, so I think they will add these really awesome weapons before they stop updating TPS. One can only hope

What’s the list look like? I remember some kook had a Boomicorn that made horse noises, I’ve seen people with Heartbreakers, I wanna say the Lady Fist, anybody know of others?

Xbox one updating?

PS4 updating?

Also I can’t actually see any patch notes listed for Oct 29 on those links. Help?

Fun Fact, The Boss Nova, now as a blue weapon, actually lost ~2k damage.

Was it supposed to be able to get prefixes or something? Because I just pulled one out of the box and it had none.



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Ok. I had to click on the “xbox one” update notes to see those.

Also, tip for anyone after me who can’t find the update notes:

Do a find for “update” or “october” on that page. Or you’ll be seeing the hot fixes at the top and wondering where the update notes for October 29 are.


Thank you gearbox for fixing matchmaking!!! Thank you for listening and coming through! (no sarcasm intended)

However, it would have been nice to see it earlier this year. I love the coop online features and I really missed them in TPS in the handsome collection.

Or click on the “update” link in the blurb at the top that specifies the difference between a hotfix and an update.

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I was probably too excited at the prospect of any updates at all to notice.

I really am curious what they did for Maya in BL2.

Holy crap. So much borderlands/gearbox juiciness for the next 15 days:

battleborn technical test
borderlands 2 updates
borderlands TPS updates
borderlands 1 backwards compatibility on xbox one

I won’t even know where to begin.

By pressing the “Start” button?


ive only used torgue launchers (which basically look no different from purple to blue) so Ive never noticed, I guess your get a whiter vanquisher, a dark blue launcher, an orange-er projectile, and a redder whatever scav weapon it was.

Thank god they are fixing ego-TP, never was able to complete that in UVHM.