Update Didn't fix Jack

After the update, the menus still suck, My vault got wiped again(3rd time), and occasionally the game tells me to go back to the main menu so the update can be applied. Its not worth it to grind legendary’s if every 3-4 days they are going to disappear. On top of this, the hotfix nerfed legendary spawn rates, so the problems remain, and replacing my loot is going to take even longer.
WTF do I do here?


The legendary rate needed nerfing. That said yes the menus are still stupidly laggy. I too get the update message from time to time, I have ignored them and sometimes i’ve clicked ok. I’m sure everything will be fixed soon, it’s par for the course in modern gaming to wait a month or two to get a fully working game.

That’s actually referring to the hotfix. It’s downloaded and applied when you launch the game, but apparently it’s possible to click through to launch your session fast enough that the hotfix isn’t applied - hence the message next time you pause the game.

Legendary rates were completely fine. The point of this game is to get loot, why nerf the entire point of the game when you could just let people have their fun.


Because you’re not supposed to get all the best items in a week or so, plus it takes the rare and value aspect of these items, plus I’m still getting quite a lot of legendaries, even without Mayhem Mode on.

The nerf was justified and needed. End of the story

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Thats fine and dandy, but this really isn’t a competitive game in that regard. The fact its a different experience on and offline tells the story there. Furthermore, people that farmed the crud out of stuff in the first week got a tremendous amount of legendaries, and then post-nerf people that are starting their farms now have to do much, much more grinding. Not all that fair to the newer folks (full disclosure, I was early so I farmed a lot…)

I don’t think it really matters – either way, given the nature of the game.


Im ok with drop rates getting nerfed, I’m not ok with losing everything Ive farmed though. This is the third time ive logged on to see my bank of at least 20+ legendary’s just empty. That shouldnt be happening

It wasn’t justified though…
How is getting all the legendaries in the game in a week a bad thing in a game about getting legendary gear??? I simply do not understand that logic.
“It kills the game quicker” is an argument i’ve seen. well uh… the devs do these things called “content updates” that you can download into your game when they come out. And guess what they do? They give you NEW content. That means NEW guns, NEW bosses, NEW enemies. This in turn brings the game back to life! More replayability! More fun!

cause there gonna be other rarity’s past legendary added later and they dont want them droping as frequent so just fix it now insted of then…still yet to add pearls or seriph guns to the game thats why it was nerfed now.

I’m not sure why people are still complaining about the bank. Everyone knows that by using it you’re risking losing everything. Just use a second profile and create a bunch of toons to hoard your gear. I have like 8 characters loaded with legendaries.

ive not had this problem is it platform specific?

Because It’s not working as intended, It’s bugged and broken that’s why. Players have every right and reason to complain about a mechanic in their game that is supposed to be working without their fear that it is going to destroy their experience of the game. Players also should not have to find workarounds like creating other toons in order to stash their hard earned gear, that’s what the Bank is for.

Bottom line, the Bank is broken, way too small and needs to be fixed

Does this problem affect me?, No, I’m one of the lucky ones that it hasn’t affected yet, I’m currently storing 50 Legendaries, but I’ll tell you what, if I ever lost what’s in there I would be upset too


I realize it’s not working as intended. That’s my whole point. If everyone knows it’s broken then why are you trusting it with all your gear. If it gets lost at this point it’s as much your fault as it is Gearbox’s. Should they and will they fix it? Yes. But we don’t know when and if you’re using it at this point and stuff get lost that’s totally on you for trusting it.

It’s super easy to create a second profile and store gear and I’ll continue doing that even after they fix the bank because 50 spots is a joke. If they up that to 200+ then I might be able to delete my second profile but until then I’ll continue hiring Lydia’s to be my pack mules.


No it’s not - all platforms are having the same problem. It seems to happen most frequently to folks playing co-op, especially if the host exits before the other players do. But it can also affect solo players. I suspect there may be different factors at play there?

Agreed, It’s a complete joke alright. 500 would be a decent amount :+1:

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Hit the road Jack

sounds like there trying to duplicate weapons but doing it wrong that would wipe there bank im sure that not all of them are but i would bet thats how a lot of solo plays are losing theirs.

Difficult to tell without more details. Some of the reports are quite specific though and do not suggest trying to beat the system.

damn i would be mad to then if my bank vanished…specially if i didn’t cause it accidentally.

exactly this the game has been out for less then a month and most of my friends who play the game are maxed out on multiple characters and got vault FILLED with legendary. THE GAME JUST CAME OUT AND PEOPLE ARE ALREADY WAY BEYOND THE POINT OF “End Game”

The loot was way too easy to get. Getting a legendary shouldnt happen every hour it should be a once in a while surprise. What the heck is the point of playing the game if endgame loot is just spoonfed you from day one. I’d like to at least make it to christmas before everyone and their brother runs the same weaponry.