Update Failure. Bugged

Ok to begin with I bought new Borderlands Handsome Collection yesterday morning. I then got home and downloaded both games on my Xbox 1. Then when it came time to do the initial patch, guess what. IT GOT TO 23 PERCENT AND FAILED AND NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU UNINSTALL RETRY AND DO AN APACHE RAINDANCE TO SUMMON THE RAIN SPIRT IT DOESN’T WORK. 3 letters to Gearbox support and 2k games support, Guess what NO REPLY. Steam users are experiencing the same problem for pc and MAC and have they adressed the current problem. Nope seems like they don’t care.

PLEASE FOR ALL THAT IS HOLY MAKE YOUR GAMES WORK. BTW 2k got the same rant because of Evolve Not working day one or after new DLC.