Update file only 1.01

hello i recently bought HC for ps4 and i downloaded the update that it came with but the update was only version 1.01 and i read that the games updates are up to 1.03

i try to click check for updates but it says it is updated already

please help

Is this the Digital version? If it is then I wouldn’t worry about it because some games get their own version of whatever the latest patch is, which is registered as a version or two behind e.g. Tomb Raider (PS3). The last patch released for that version of TR is 1.03 and the digital version is on 1.02 but both patches are identical, they just have different version numbers. The easy way to tell if you have the latest patch for the HC is if you have the FOV Slider under Video Options because you only get that with the 1.03 patch :smile:.

no i have the disk version thanks mate i will check for that FOV later tonight