Update for Borderlands The Handsome Collection Scheduled for 3/24/15

An update for Borderlands The Handsome Collection is scheduled to roll out on March 24th. Details on the update can be found below:


Xbox One:

For assistance with Borderlands The Handsome Collection or SHiFT, please visit support.gearboxsoftware.com


I no longer own the disk for 360 version. The directions provided to cross save do not work for me and there is no way to fire borderlands 2 up without a disk on my 360. Yet, my saves are right there in the cloud begging to be imported to my xbone. Please fix.

There’s no “fix” necessary, you just need a copy of BL2 360 and you’re good to go.

There is a copy in the cloud save on my 360, but it’s not visible when trying to import on Xbox one from cloud. Xbox one just doesn’t see it. Just to state again, I don’t have copy of borderlands 2 any longer.

It’s very presumptuous of gearbox to think most buying handsome collection still have the disk for Xbox 360 or the Xbox 360 for that matter. All that is needed is the save file from cloud Especially. My save file is in my cloud. I’m pretty sure the conversion that is in the 360 update could easily be added to the Xbox one update to convert save file in cloud to xbox version rather easily.

I am trying to communicate this to the company by using these forums. I am not trying to solicate random people,who obviously doesn’t have the same problem, for their opinion on my issue. I am very happy you don’t have the same problem as me and many others.

Are you sure your saves are in the cloud? I only ask because your XB1 doesn’t see them. Additionally, your saves may not have the latest update applied to them which could potentially be having an effect on the situation.

Anyway, I’m sorry if I’ve misunderstood the situation here. The best course of action would be to submit a support request (support.gearboxsoftware.com) and that way we can get some documentation on the issue.

Here’s a couple articles that might help too:

I had a buddy who I jad download my profile on his 360 to verify they are there. They are there.

Thank you for pointing me to that link to leave my request. That is fantastic advice.


Good, hope that helps! If you need anything else, just shout!