Update On BL2 Xbox 360

Hi guys,
I started up BL2 about 10 minutes ago and I was immediately hit with an update. I haven’t cleared the HD Cache, so this has got to be a new one. Is there any info on it, and has anybody else had it? My thoughts are that it’s to do with the X1 and PS4 versions of the game, but I could be wrong.

I was kicked off Xbox Live today around 7am with the BL2 update notice. Didn’t bother and stayed offline to finish my game. I’m pretty sure it’s for the cross save feature.

It is. The option to upload to Cloud is present, so it is completly linked to this

I would guess the same - the cross-save patch hitting ahead of March 24th. Odd that there are no announcements here, but maybe the folks at GBX are a bit busy with the massive TPS update just announced. Perhaps @Jeffybug or @joekgbx could chime in?

That surprised me too. When I hit the forum I looked around and saw no mention of it.

… Anyone holding out hope that some final balance patches slipped in here too?

Yeah, it is the Cloud Save.

I don’t normally look at the main menu cos my character’s always loaded up so I just hit Continue without really looking. I heard something about the Pre-Sequel respawnable bosses patch being released on the 24th, is this correct? I tried to look at the patch notes but the “page does not exist”.

Yep. TPS will finally have a full end game for farming.

I’m glad I’m on the ball for this save transfer as I messed up with my data transfer on Diablo 3!

I traded my old copy in towards the next gen copy without realising I needed the disc still to upload my save so had to start over from scratch! lol! Not this time thankfully :smile:

Awesome, finally haha!