Update on Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Loyalty Rewards (UPDATED 4/2)

Update 4/2: Loyalty Rewards have been re-enabled on Xbox One and PlayStation 4! You also may notice increased legendary drop-rates across the board in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

More info at http://www.gearboxsoftware.com/community/articles/1348/borderlands-the-handsome-collection-loyalty-rewards-legendary-bonus

Update 3/30: The team has identified a potential solution to the odd-functioning loyalty rewards. The solution will not require an update or hot fix, and has entered testing this morning. We’ll update this thread and this knowledge base article when more information is available!

We’re still working on getting Borderlands: The Handsome Collection’s loyalty rewards online. In the meantime, use these SHiFT codes to unlock 25 Golden Keys in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to help you get started! These codes will expire on March 31, 2015 – so use them before then!

Xbox 360 / Xbox One: CJC33-KHBCW-FHF6Z-C6JTB-F9395

Xbox 360/Xbox One: 555JT-6TTT9-KCFJX-CXT33-T3FBC

We will update this thread when loyalty rewards are ready to roll out! As usual, for help or support with Borderlands: The Handsome Collection or SHiFT, please visit http://support.gearboxsoftware.com.


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My Badass Rank did not carry over (no tokens either).


We were told to wait to log into shift in game in order to maximize Badass token rewards with existing. I suppose I will wait a bit and hopefully it will be fixed before these shift codes expire!


Having the exact same issue. All my badass points are missing and unearned on my level 72 and 67 BL2 characters, the same with my other two characters in the pre-sequel game. No golden keys, and no BA rank.
Also, I keep getting this error. After transferring over my character from the 360 to my Xbox One “this level 72 character requires downloadable content that is not accessible at this time” keeps popping up when I go to start the game on the XB1. I can start the game ok, and the transfer went fine, I just keep getting that message when I continue the game on the new console. This message does not appear for my level 67 BL2 character.

Loyalty is good and all, but I had far more BAR than a “healthy chunk” and it did not carry over with my saves. Can I play now? Or do I have to wait or I’ll forever lose my BAR?


Golden Keys do not carry over, but they are giving returning players 75 once you sign into Shift on xbox one, and they just put up a code for another 25 on top of that. But keep in mind, they said not to sign into shift on xbox one until you have your badass rank all set, so the bonus BAR they give us will stack on top of that.

If you’re having any issues with Cross/Cloud Save, please drop in a support ticket at http://support.gearboxsoftware.com or http://support.2k.com!

Question… How do you “NOT” sign into your shift. Mines did it automatically

Yeah, I don’t really care about the bonus 5k BAR. That is like a mosquito hitting the windshield of what my BAR is, and it didn’t transfer with my saves


Well, I didn’t select it in the menu yet so i’m not signed into it.

Even if you don’t select it in the menu, you’re logged into it if you’re connected to the internet. It does it automatically.


Even on Xbox one? I did not get the bonus Keys or BAR, because I am not signed into shift yet. If you got the bonus, then yes, you are signed in. Don’t know why it signed you in automatically.


Well, hopefully they can fix it, otherwise I just payed 70 bucks to reset my BAR and play this game on a 3rd console. Bit miffed too that the character I main is the one that didn’t get a bonus skin. No kreig love? Hopefully his voice is at least fixed.

Even being signed in to Shift doesn’t mean that the bonus keys or the BAR are showing up, they’re not. Also, it makes no difference if you go into the shift menu, you’re still logged in. It’s not showing the bonuses because they’re not working correctly yet.

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The bonuses are working correctly. You have to go to “shift code”, hit Right Bumper to view privacy policy and Terms of Service, then you have to hit accept. Until you do that, you get no bonus.

That didn’t do anything. I already accepted the ToS on the previous game and accepting it again didn’t change anything with regards to rewards.


started game, cant even sign into shift on my PS4 to get anything, it just stays on Authiantacating with Gearbox shift, and never does connect

I am well aware my golden keys do not carry over, and that I have to wait to sign into shift. Obviously. But as another user pointed out it automatically signs in. That’s what it did for me and I had no control over it. BL2 does not sign in at all. In regards to the keys - I was referring to the bonus 75, saying that I too have not received them. And that I too have not had my regular BAR carry over despite following all the steps properly.


It would be ****ing nice to have a gearbox rep weigh in on the BAR transfer problem with more than, “start a ticket.”