Update On Font Size Fix?

Any word on a Font Size increase patch soon? To play, I have to move ten feet from my couch to a camp chair to squint at the font on a 75" UHD TV. My girl, with perfect vision can’t read it either. Yes, we’re at 200% in accessibility. But as is, the main game is too broken to enjoy with over half my time deciphering text. Split Screen for us? Flat out impossible. We just have to test everything in combat, which could head too the loo off cool builds when something initially kinda suchs.


Sad truth - it seems they don’t even read or monitor this site because there are never responses and clearly no action on things that prevent the game from being playable. We are barely enjoying playing through TPS again because that is better than BL3 - not content-wise, playability-wise - and that is super sad. I haven’t completed a single playthrough because of this UX disaster, yet my money was happily pocketed.

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