Update on Moxxi's Waitress Cosplay

Hello again!

I know it’s been a couple of weeks, so I thought to update you with my progress on my cosplay for PAX Prime.

So I will be using the second loot crate that BL2 released, and I am going to drill on the sides of the loot crate the buttons to some overall straps and strapping Overall Buckles onto the sides of the loot crate so the straps can be stables for when I am carrying it around the Expo floor. I have 5 Jones soda bottles and I am going to take the labels off and go to alphagrahics and have them print out the Borderlands themed Beer labels that an amazing artist gave me permission to use. Along with that I am going to have descriptions made of each one and have them as hand outs at the con too. Just as something funny to pass out, if case if anyone asks what these fictional beers “taste” like.

With said Jones bottles I have some USB powered cork lights that will sit on top of the bottles lids, so that way the labels can be presented. I have velcro at the bottom of each bottle so that way people can pick them up and look at the label more closely.

Final secret piece of my overall outfit will be finished on Aug 11th! This is when I shall upload a picture of it on here :slight_smile:

Thank you for those who have been following my progress! Super excited to show this cosplay off at PAX Prime.



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This sounds awesome! I’m excited to see it :smiley:

Same here! HURRY!!! :smiley: