Update on Release of Episode 2

This is what posted on the TFTB community today…

JobJStauffer_TTG Telltale Staff

More news?! Okay. Yeah. So, the team is working hard on finishing 102, and yes, we hope you’ll really enjoy it! I played a version before the weekend and checked it out again later tonight and it’s looking great! We know the wait has been a while, but we hope you’ll agree it’ll be worth it!

Sometimes we’ll play an episode and sometimes it might need a little more love or a little more time to be the best it can be. With Tales from the Borderlands Ep 2, this was the case. The reception to the first episode was, quite frankly, above and beyond what we ever hoped! We cannot thank you enough for playing this series as we kicked off! We want Ep 2 to be awesome. This of course means that it’s taking a few extra weeks to make sure it’s as fun as the first.

After the premiere, we took some time to look at everyone’s feedback and take a closer look at different choices being made, listening to the player community. These factor into the overall development process. Remember, we’re in live development! This series was a fresh idea and a unique take on an existing universe, and it meant we had to listen very carefully to what you had to say, and what you did in the premiere. This factors into certain aspects of the game and story itself as the series progresses.

With a series as big as Tales, and with a cast that’s only going to grow and perhaps tie even more closely to what’s happened/happening elsewhere in the Borderlands universe, this second episode has a lot of ground to cover! The cast is huge and the action is pretty crazy. Also, Scooter is a bit of a handful, so we hope you’ll understand when we get a little tied up managing the talent. :wink:

We’re always striving to deliver quality content on a frequent and more predictable basis, but at the end of the day, quality content comes first.

We’re insanely excited to get everyone playing ‘Atlas Mugged’ as soon as possible. It’ll be in your hands checks Telltale ‘S-word’ Thesaurus … ‘before long,’ but not before our panel at PAX East next weekend, I can say that.

That said, the panel will be a blast! We’ll be out in Boston opening the show with the ‘Story Time’ panel, then we’ll be with Gearbox on Sunday the 8th along with Rhys and Fiona themselves, Troy Baker and Laura Bailey!

If all goes well, MAYBE THERE WILL BE SOME KIND OF VIDEO TO SHOW YOU!?! Who knows!? If all goes even better, I’m hopeful we’ll have a firm date to share with you as well. It may be beyond our control on that date, but as you know, as soon as we know, you’ll know via twitter, and I’ll be tweeting that myself the minute our dates are locked with our partners.

I really do thank you guys again for all of your patience. You mean the world to us, and if we’re ever quiet on the boards, it’s largely due to us being so busy here working to make the best episodes possible.

In the future, keep your eyes peeled to our twitter accounts for the most frequent updates as they happen. Also stay tuned here in the coming weeks and months as our team grows and we have more awesome community activities, events, live-streams, and all kinds of fun things planned for this year and beyond!

Thanks again, guys. That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more!


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@Artemis_Cai Thank you for updating the site. Actually, I haven’t seen any real activity here in Tales section.

I understand that they have been waiting for the right time. GBX are focused on the Homeworld release and Tell Tale are busy announcing the Super Show concept along with putting a cheery face on a large(?) injection of outside cash for stock, exactly how much time was really available to them for real brush and polish of the episode might be debatable but I doubt it suffered from the delay.

Yeah, this thread seemed pretty much dead, that’s why I thought I would post that update.

I agree with you, and I’m okay with the delay if the upcoming episodes are awesome and worth the wait.

I am annoyed I bought the season pass with the assumption we get new episodes every month or so, not every 5 to 6 months.

Well not knowing the schedule I can only hope that it doesn’t stay that way.

Like I said, there has been Gearbox releasing Homeworld and Tell Tale announcing a big ‘New Format’ thing. They have that out the way now and the schedule will probably get back to something more familiar hopefully.

Arn’t Tell Tale announcing the release of TftBl Ep2 at PAX this weekend?

Yup, only it’ll be Gearbox’s panel on Sunday 10.30am (EDT?) should be 2.30pm in the UK (GMT).

Glad I looked that up it’s usually around 6pm in the UK!

Keep us informed!

Just read this on the TT TFTB Forums…

Telltale just tweeted that Steam and PS3 & PS4 will be released tomorrow.

TOMORROW! 'Tales from the @Borderlands' Ep 2 on PC/Mac (@steam_games) & @PlayStation 4 & 3. More platforms this week! pic.twitter.com/EVvCmALmy8

— Telltale Games (@telltalegames) March 16, 2015

Good Times to be had!!!

Episode 2 is a go on Steam now :slight_smile: