Update on Steam Change Server?

So… Need to change region to play on PC.
That already known.
But right now Steam Did a new update…
and I cant Find the Parametres anymore…
So I dont know where to change the download region…

Do you know where to find it in the new lay out?

If it isnt possible, I guess we are finally on the final Killer for the game…

never mind, it seem that for some reason it didnt show the option, but right now is visible again…
So How do I delete this thread?
or If a Janitor can come and destroy it.

Janitor! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Closed as requested :heart:

PS: You can delete & edit your topics/posts by clicking on the “…”-symbol in the footbar. If you click there should pop up a bin-symbol to delete.

If you want to edit a post or topic click the pen-symbol.