UPDATE - Poor/inconsistent FPS every time I enter a new map! (main culprit ---> texture streaming feature)

As the title says, my game takes around 35 seconds to go from 5/15/19/12/20/… FPS to around 120 in the Sanctuary ship.

The weird thing is that this happens every time I enter/load a new map…after “stabilizing/loading map?”… the FPS (usually and always depending on area) goes as high as it can.

Also, before the update, after the 30-40 seconds of stutter/inconsistent
FPS I could go into any area without any freezing but now it freezes and drops FPS when moving along the ship, this didn’t happen before the update.

Before anyone suggests my machine is not up to the task I must say I run SOTR, BATTLEFIELD V, GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT (BETA), AC ODYSSEY, GTA V without any issues/freezes/stutters etc. Drivers updated and so on and so forth…
Despite old, it’s enough for me to play everything on every game at high/ultra @1080p - vga is a 1070 OC, DX11 on Win7.

Since Borderlands 3 is a cell shaded game why does it take around 30-40 seconds of inconsistent/stuttering FPS every time I enter/load a new map?

Any ideas/suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. It would be also interesting Gearbox could shed some light in this issue as I have read other users with this very same issue!

Thank you in advance for any feedback regarding my post.

As it says in the edited title, texture streaming needs to be patched to work properly (as they did with the scope issue), in my case, it’s the man reason for new map stuttering for around 30 seconds and Sanctuary stuttering too.