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Hey guys,
just wanted to ask, if somebody got more/new information about the update which is currently under development? Anyone know some information about it? What will be included? When can we expect it? Feel free to share some information :slight_smile:

Greetings Flo

Hey guys,
Will the Lobby be included in the next update?

just adding what everyone is probably thinking…

Hi Flo! long time :smiley:

Of that what I gathered by reading the devs posts (use the dev tracker) they’re working on many fronts.

Once again ui fixes for those with ultra large monitors…

A rebalancing in form of a mp mod where us the players will become their test team saying what works and what doesn’t.

Working support frigates in hw1 style.

New ui icons to better determine what ship is what…

Their modding tools + few other code additions to help modders.

Working hw1 formations for all factions hw2 will split into single ships just like hw1 units are but can be reingrated into their default squads.

Hw2 squad reinforcement will no longer be available after docking. Makes sense otherwise you could split squads and form new ones pretending they had casulties and you get additional ships for free.

There were few other things I can’t recall right now but it all sounds promising I just hope they wont wait much longer as there is barely anyone left in the mp community… Of course once things get flowing people will return but probably not all of them…

No info about a lobby system. I hope they will present one at some point otherwise it would be foolish…


Thank you very much for sharing your information :grinning:. Sounds great.

Is this just from the “Code/Engine changes discussion” thread, or have the devs given more info on this in a different thread. In that thread at least, the devs commented a few times that it was uncertain exactly how and where the changes would apply. In other words, it may just be HW1 races, with HW2 races playing the same way they already do (fixed squad sizes and docking resupply).

True I just mentioned what they had in their wrapps. Only time will tell how things will look. Things are also likely to change once more…

Scole Recently mentioned on another thread that HW2 squadron replacement is in, but that the time and Ru’s necessary to restore the lost ships is equal to the time it would take to build them separately. If this is the way it ends up working, then squadron replenishment will be more of just automatic building micro than an actual battle strategy.

We’re busy - there will be an update soon. We even had a meeting today! (We do that sometimes) We also looked at all of the various ships posted to this forum and went ‘oooohhh’ and ‘aaaahhh’ at each because they’re all very nice and we like seeing new stuff that we didn’t have to spend time working on.

Knowing is half the battle and all of that, right?


Violence is the other half.


Thank you very much for the reply. Didn’t want to bother you guys. I’m just super excited :smile:.

I hope this isn’t the case, as it would alter the game balance for the original Homeworld 2 factions. Especially for certain mods that are built around tactics that might rely on regenerating/repairing strikecraft squadrons. Fighters are already very frail as it is in Homeworld 2, regenerating squadrons is one of the few things they have going for them.

This is addressing the Developers - if you do disable auto-regeneration for HW2 fighters, will there be a way for modders to re-enable it for their mods?

If they just add a cost in addition to the time component of the regen (say it deducts the resources automatically) I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t will be a simple thing for modders to just put the cost to zero. I guess it depends on how they implements it. So far they’ve been really conscious of the modders so I expect it to be implemented in an easy to modify way.

Pretty excited for the update. Even though I’m not actively playing right now It will never leave my HDD and will always be ready to launch for the latest patch/mod or a game with friends.

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Hey guys. Anyone got some news? An ETA? I just can’t wait :scream:

I hope lens flare can be disabled in the upcoming patch. Please let it be so!

I hate to break it to you - but an option to disable Lens flares is not going to be added. It’s part of the background and lighting we wanted to present.

You are more than welcome to author backgrounds that don’t have any - making the game ‘your own’ is a huge part of what Mod development is all about - especially when it comes to things that we don’t plan to do ourselves…


Now that is some disappointing information. Lens flare doesn’t make any sense in space, from the God-view perspective of the player control, from a space-atmospheric design logic, or from an aesthetics point of view - and it isn’t included in the original Homeworld, for good design reason.

I’ve put my playing of the game on hold waiting for it to get a disable-option because it’s just dissatisfying visually, and distractingly illogical. I find the game with it unenjoyable.

How much work would it be to include an option to disable lens flare in the game? It’s a pretty contentious tech in general, and having it possible to be disabled is pretty standard in games. Is it a matter of work to disable it, or a matter of wanting to force a particular way of playing the game on people? Because it doesn’t make sense to force an effect that is not enjoyed by some upon people, when having an option to disable it would cater to all people and leave all players satisfied, rather than some disgruntled.

I think that lens flare ruins the scenery, and I’m honestly not interested in engaging the game with what I consider to be a tacky design effect obstructing and spoiling the greater concept of the game.

It’s the difference of experience between being in a space environment, and experiencing watching a scene of space from behind a monitor. Or like having a hot dog, and having a picture of a hot dog.

Maybe Gearbox didn’t perceive that the background is also the environment that the player is existing in, within the game world. It shouldn’t be presented as though the whole in-space experience is instead a screen-view of what in-space could look like.

And saying that lens flare is a part of what Gearbox wanted to present is like saying Gearbox wanted to create an inferior depiction of space than what otherwise would be, and what a remake that honours the idea of Homeworld should be doing - because space as from behind a screen and pure space are two different concepts. One is large, huge, immense, impressive - the other is not any of those things, and is rather disappointing and small.

It’s kind of like a remaster of Led Zeppelin that replaces the rock tracks with bubble-gum pop. Really misses the whole grandeur and point of the idea of remastering a particular thing, because they’re not the same thing.

This isn’t a presentation call, it’s a failure to understand the concept that is being presented - and an inferior and illogical presentation, to boot - while also not understanding that there is no benefit to denying players the ability to experience the game in the manner which is enjoyable to them, which I would also kind of say is their right, as they are purchasing a remake on the grounds that it is a remake of a known themed product. They’d like to receive the theme they are buying a remake of, and I think that they, and I, deserve to.

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Are you kidding, the lens flare is gorgeous! Man the first time I saw it back with the pax video my mouth hung open, especially the way they used it to great effect in the first mission, with the light shining through the wreckage in the back (that is another issue entirely but I digress). Also if we’re talking about realism and making sense in games then I’d be interested to see your gaming collection. :smiley: (No seriously, you have a rather unique take on this so it’d be interesting to hear your opinions on maybe a game like KSP?)

I respect your right to disagree of course, but isn’t your argument basically the same as someone going into an art museum (or even to the artist directly) and demanding they change a piece of art because it’s not realistic enough in your opinion? Although I guess in this case you actually have the tools to change it yourself if it’s a really big issue or maybe if you can find a modder who feels the same way they can perhaps do it for you? Didn’t they release an example how to to do backgrounds recently? Yarp, here it is;


While I agree that lens flare shouldn’t be turned off, you can’t really see the flare effects in a lot of the missions.

For example, a large portion of HW2 missions have such rich background colours that the lens flare effect can’t actually be seen, without using the sensors manager to dull the flaring effects of background lighting: examples include Mission 9, 10, 11, 13 and 14.

In HW1, the same happens in the backgrounds for the Great Wastelands, the Cathedral of Kadesh and probably a few others that I’m not aware of.

Those should be fixed and the lens flare should be made stronger as well so it can be seen all the time.

Lensflare doesn’t ruin the background, the only thing that can ruin the background is the Bloom effect, lensflare ir really needed in the HW2/HWRC engine, since there is no other way to show the lightning on the background, If you want you can turn down the lens flare effects by modding but I would not recommend disabling it entirely.

HW1 didn’t had lensflare only because it was not possible with the hardware budget they were aiming for, otherwise they would have implemented it as in the cutscenes.

“Are you kidding, the lens flare is gorgeous!”

Rainbows are gorgeous. Should the game have rainbows in space?

“I respect your right to disagree of course, but isn’t your argument basically the same as someone going into an art museum (or even to the artist directly) and demanding they change a piece of art because it’s not realistic enough in your opinion?”

Art is such because it conveys a truth, through various connotative means. Lens flare in space does not convey a truth about Homeworld’s concept. Lens flare in HMR gives the strong sense that the art direction doesn’t know why it’s doing what it’s doing, and is just throwing something in without any consideration to support it. It’s like a kid who likes pictures of cats, so they draw cats on everything - including in space environments of games they work on, despite there being no supporting context for it.

“HW1 didn’t had lensflare only because it was not possible with the hardware budget they were aiming for, otherwise they would have implemented it as in the cutscenes.”

No, the cutscenes are akin to video footage. The in-game view is suspended in the environment as a god-view. There is no lens flare in the original game because it doesn’t make any sense in the space environment, and cheapens the atmosphere.

It feels that GB didn’t have understanding behind why they were putting lens flare in space, and did it just because it looked nice - missing the point of a space environment, and forgetting that Homeworld is largely dependent upon its space atmosphere being moody, rich, and deep, and not superficial and glitzy.

The remark that lens flare is a part of the background impression GB wanted to present just means that GB didn’t understand the greater meaning of Homeworld’s atmosphere, and it doesn’t justify not providing an option to disable lens flare - who is GB to force something that is ruining of enjoyment and spoiling of the original game’s intention upon a person who really does not want it?