Update (see edit 2)! Let's discuss a community driven event

Hello all,
I’d like to discuss and plan a huge community event. The ultimate goal is to get as many people as possible playing at the same time. The only way I see possible is to tell everyone to get on (say 6-9 on blah blah day) and play as much as possible. You’d have to tell everyone you know to hop on and play for just this one day. And make sure they tell everyone they know as well.

What do you think would be the best way to do this? Word of mouth? Official streams? I don’t know but I think it’d be nice just 3 hours to remember how great Battleborn is. Whose up for this? Who has ideas to make it better?

Edit: the carrot on the stick is being able to get balanced matches in a very reasonable time. Something many people haven’t had in a while

Edit 2: Fyi: Reddit has decided to jump the gun and make this happen on Nov 12. They’ve apparently neglected to tell the forums so here’s me letting here everyone know


Best method of getting the word out? All of the above. Any social media you have. Word of mouth. Streams. YouTube videos. Anything you can think of. However, I would wait until after the next big patch.


Can anyone help with a list of major streamers who have supported this game at one point? I really don’t know many people.

SuperBadJuJu is one of the streamers who still support this game. StuckOnPandora is another. I’m not sure who else is there. None of the big names bothered to stream the game at all. And a lot of the smaller streamers who did support the game have jumped ship heading to greener pastures, like Kalology. I’m planning on getting back into streaming again myself, but with the way things are going I’m wondering if that’s going to happen. Things just haven’t been working out for me lately in a lot of ways.

First, we need to get as many forum posters involved in this thread as possible. Second, we need to discuss a date. Perhaps a weekend or holiday when a lot of people are off work/school?

Fyi: Reddit has decided to jump the gun and make this happen on Nov 12. They’ve apparently neglected to tell the forums so here’s me letting here everyone know

If only Gearbox/2K themselves got on board too…

I guess this is for computer? I only play on xb1

It’s for all Platforms

Supposedly gbx is on board, but I’d say they haven’t done a very good job so far of advertising it.

I’ve made my opinion clear on Reddit that there’s way too many factors going against them for this to work right, which is why I feel they jumped the gun. Oh well.

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I’m sure this will show up on one of the two battleplans that happen before the event.

Dang it, I’ll be at the Rennasaince Festival that weekend :sob:

Not even so much as a tweet.

Hmm, well, maybe they’ll announce it in the next battleplan.

I think someone could tell Jim Sterling. He likes the game and in the last video he made about battleborn he complained of the lack of players.

My point, thank you.

Even if it is in next week’s battleplan, it won’t matter. You’ll lose how many people from PvP matchmaking to the new dlc. And there goes the only opportunity for a community driven event. If people view this as lackluster (which it’s lining up to be) then any future attempts will be diminished. I really wish the Reddit guys who planned this put a little more thought into it.

I think two days is enough for everyone to try out the new story OP, since it comes out on the 10th and the event is on the 12th.

Keep in mind a lot of peoples work week ends Friday and they don’t get the chance to try it til Saturday. It’s why you see the (now slight) spikes in population on weekends

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Thanks for creating this thread, @jjand302.

We’re not only aware of “Battleborn Day”, our team is SUPER excited about it! We’re talking internally about some ways that we can support it and we have some cool ideas.

That said, we also want to make sure this event is about the community, so we want to make sure anything we do complements the community’s vision and doesn’t “take it over” so to speak.


I think the biggest part would be to help make people aware it’s happening.

Maybe even some special “Community Day” skins?